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Post-doctoral Researchers

FEP welcomes post-doctoral researchers, national or foreign, who wish to conduct research – post-doctoral projects – under the guidance of a post-doctoral faculty member or researcher at the School of Economics and Management.

All post-doctoral research is coordinated by Professor Paula Sarmento.

Useful information:

  • The post-doctoral research project should have a duration of six months or more;
  • Admission to conduct a post-doctoral research project is done on a year-round, individual basis;

  • Applications should be sent to the post-doctoral programme Coordinator, with the following documents in attachment:
    • Application addressed to the Dean;
    • Updated Curriculum Vitae;
    • Research programme indicating the start date, duration and timeline of the proposed research activities;
    • Declaration of commitment to not perform any other professional activity during the period of enrolment at FEP, with the exception of teaching activities at institutions of higher education for up to 4 classroom hours per week;
    • Acceptance letter from the proposed supervisor;
    • If the proposed supervisor works within a FEP-sponsored research group, an acceptance letter from the Dean of said research group;
    • Civil and fiscal identification information, including the card number and expiration date of the supporting document(s);
    • Doctorate diploma/certificate of the post-doctoral researcher.

  • When applicable, non-resident post-doctoral researchers should, at the time of enrolment, present a Portuguese residence visa;
  • Enrolment as a post-doctoral researcher at FEP requires payment of a fee ;
  • In accordance with available resources, the post-doctoral researcher is granted use of the spaces and research facilities of the School or research group with which they are associated;
  • During their stay at the U.Porto, the post-doctoral researcher will have access to:
    • An identification card;
    • Libraries and documentation centres of the UP and their respective informational resources;
    • Public access computers;
    • Access to Wi-Fi network on their personal devices in all University of Porto spaces.

  • Post-doctoral researchers are encouraged not only to attend the seminars organized by CEF.UP and other seminars at FEP, but to present their own research, as well;
  • Up to three months after the date of termination of their enrolment as a post-doctoral researcher, the researcher must present a report of the activities they performed;
  • Upon submission of the report, the post-doctoral researcher has the right to obtain a post-doctorate certificate issued by FEP;
  • FEP does not provide financial support to post-doctoral researchers, therefore, all travel and housing expenses must be paid for by the researcher, unless otherwise specified in a separate cooperation agreement with FEP.

More information:

Post-doctoral regulations of the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto

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