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About FEP

FEP is the school within the University of Porto responsible for education and research in the areas of Economics and Management.

FEP's mission is to train current and future generations of economists and managers, developing, transmitting and adding social value to knowledge in economics and management, thus contributing towards the construction of a stronger economy and a better society. From its inception, FEP has stood out for its multidisciplinary educational approach and its strong and unique connection to the surrounding economic and social environment.

At FEP, students will find:
  • A quality education that ensures students acquire the scientific knowledge and technical skills the job market seeks and rewards;
  • Opportunities to participate in curricular and extracurricular activities that place students in direct contact with the working profession and ensure training in both personal and transversal skills for a growing number of students;
  • A multinational and multicultural learning environment, as well as numerous international mobility opportunities;
  • An inclusive academic environment with various associations and student groups that organize welcoming activities and promote personal development to help create a healthy balance between academic work and social and leisure activities.
At FEP, social and economic organizations will find:
  • A centre for the production of knowledge in Economics, Finance, Management and interdisciplinary domains, which it shares with the national and international academic community by participating in research networks, organizing scientific meetings and disseminating the knowledge it produces through publication in scientific journals;
  • A centre for the exchange of knowledge in Economics, Finance and Management that advances and participates in the debates on the biggest challenges facing companies, the economy and society today;
  • A school open to collaborating with other schools of economics and management, other schools of the University of Porto and businesses and other organizations in all facets of its activity.
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