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About FEP


The School of Economics and Management was created by Decree-Law no. 39226 passed on 28 May 1953" to promote the teaching and culture of the economic sciences".

From its inception, it has stood out for its strong connection to Porto, "a characteristically industrial and commercial city and the head of a region that is animated by a rich plurality of manifestations of economic labour." The creation of the School of Economics and Management answered the desires of the country's Northern Region, which, "with its flourishing industries, its considerable agricultural wealth and its broad and intense commerce, demands, for the promotion of its resources and the harnessing of its promising potential, not only competent technicians, but also an elite of economists fit to occupy, thanks to their scientific preparation, positions of the highest responsibility in vast and complex organizations".

Connection to the business environment and scientific rigour are the two characteristics that, in 1953, just as today, are associated with the School of Economics and Management. Creating an elite group of economists fit to occupy positions of responsibility in the most important organizations is, and has been since its founding, the mission of the School of Economics and Management.

This mission has been successfully accomplished over its more than 60 years of existence, years characterised by a constant awareness of the evolution of higher education training needs in the field of Economics. This attentiveness first resulted in the creation of the bachelors programme in Economics (since 1953) and, later, in the creation of the bachelors programme in Management (in 1987), in the first masters programmes (in Economics in 1983 and in Management in 1996), in the doctorate programmes with mandatory curricular units (in Economics in 1997, in Management in 2003) and, more recently, in the diversification of the masters programme offer, with the creation of specialized programmes and continuity programmes.

Once again answering to the demands of the economy, in 1988, the School began its involvement in the domain of executive training. The success of this initiative led to its independence, in 2000, with the creation of ISFEP, which transferred all of its activity to the Porto Business School in 2008. Through direct collaboration with this business school, FEP continues its mission today in the domain of executive training and non-degree-awarding post-graduate training in Management.

Since the year 2000, in conjunction with other schools of the University of Porto, FEP also offers bachelors, masters and doctorate programmes in multidisciplinary fields of training.

All quotes were taken from the Preamble of the Decree-Law no. 39226 or from the articles referenced in the text
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