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Bachelors, Masters and PhDs: Re-entry Applications

Academic year 2022/2023

From 19th April to 08th June 2022, applications for re-entry to FEP's Bachelors, Masters and PhDs are open.

Re-entry is the act by which a student, after interruption of studies in a higher education institution/programme enrolls in the same institution and enrolls in the same programme or in a programme that has succeeded it.
(Example: A student who attended the Bachelor in Economics at FEP until 2020/2021 and who has interrupted this programme can apply for re-entry only exclusively to the degree in Economics at FEP)

Thus, candidates may apply for re-entry to an institution/programme if they:
  1. Have been enrolled and registered in that institution/programme or in a pair that preceded it and
  2. Have not been enrolled in that institution/programme in the academic year 2021/2022
Note: In the case of the Doctoral degrees, if the student has interrupted or cancelled the enrolment, either during the curricular component or during the period of preparation of the thesis, he/she may, after application, re-enter the programme, request credit for the previous training and be subject to the re-evaluation, by the Scientific Committee, of the relevance or timeliness of his/her thesis project (if it already exists).

All information related to the application process is described in the official Announcement (in portuguese), which must be read.

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