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Bachelor in Business Administration

Bologna Syllabus since 2012

Academic year:

  1st Year
1st Semester
1GE101CFFinancial Mathematics6
1GE102DCSCorporate Law and Law of Contracts6
1GE103SOOrganisations Sociology6
1GE104MAT IMathematics I6
1GE105MIC IMicroeconomics I6
2nd Semester
1GE106ICONTIntroduction to Accounting6
1GE107GIInformation Management6
1GE108COOrganizational Behaviour6
1GE109MAT IIMathematics II6
1GE110MIC IIMicroeconomics II6

  2nd Year
1st Semester
1GE201CRFAccounting and Financial Report6
1GE202CGManagement Accounting6
1GE203EST IStatistics I6
1GE204MAC IMacroeconomics I6
1GE205DFTax Law3
1GE206CPS IPersonal and Social Skills I3
2nd Semester
1GE207CGManagement Control6
1GE208IOOperational Research6
1GE210EST IIStatistics II3
1GE211MAC IIMacroeconomics II6
1GE212CPS IIPersonal and Social Skills II3

  3rd Year
1st Semester
1GE301EPEPortuguese and European Economy3
1GE302MFFinancial Markets6
1GE303GOOperations Management6
1GE304GRHHuman Resources Management6
1GE305MECEconometric Methods6
Electives 2016
2nd Semester
1GE306ESTECorporate Strategy6
1GE307FEMPCorporate Finance6
1GE308PICapital Budgeting6
1GE309SIInformation Systems6
1GE310ERSEthics and Social Responsibility3
Conditional electives

Tipo de Classificação: OFICIAL

Unidades curriculares pertencentes às áreas científicas definidas na(s) estrutura(s) curricular(es) ativa(s) neste ano letivo

  Computer Science

  Legal Sciences

  Social Science


  Management Studies

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