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Master in Management

Official Syllabus after 2021-2022

Academic year:

  1st Year
1st Semester
2MiM01BVBusiness Valuation3
2MiM02FMFinancial Management3
2MiM03SMStrategic Management6
2MiM05PMPeople Management6
2MiM06MCMMarketing and Commercial Management6
2MiM04OSCMOperations and Supply Chain Management6
2nd Semester
2MiM07MISManagement Information Systems3
2MiM08BABusiness Analytics6
2MiM09IBInternational Business3
2MiM10MRManagement Research3
Elective UPorto (master level)(1)
  • (1) To be choosen among the 2nd cycle of the U.Porto, but they must be previously approved by the scientific committee of the programme

  2nd Year
1st Semester
2MiM12BCBusiness Challenge6
2MiM13BEBusiness Ethics3
2MiM11BCABusiness Case Analysis9
2MiM15PlanResearch Work Plan9
2nd Semester

Tipo de Classificação: OFICIAL

Unidades curriculares pertencentes às áreas científicas definidas na(s) estrutura(s) curricular(es) ativa(s) neste ano letivo

  Management Studies

  Any Scientific Area of UPorto

Unidades curriculares pertencentes a áreas científicas não definidas na(s) estrutura(s) curricular(es) ativa(s) neste ano letivo

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