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Master in Finance and Taxation

General information

Official Code: 6827
Acronym: FINF


  • Master in Finance and Taxation (120 ECTS credits)
  • Master Course in Studies in Finance and Taxation (75 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Financial mangement I


The main objectives of this unit are: 1) Assist students in the acquisition of skills for modeling  financial statements and its application in case studies. 2) Study of theoretical issues and practical tools for managing the company's risk and its application in case studies. 3) Assist students in analyzing case studies using theories and tools of Univariate Analysis and Multivariate Analysis. 4) The unit aims to motivate and assist students in the research in order to write a paper and develop their dissertation project. 5) Prepare students for using the Datastream database, and collect a sample in order to develop an empirical study on financial distress. 6) Conduct empirical studies with market and accounting data for publicly traded companies: credit risk models like BSM and Z-Score; study on market efficiency, detection and evaluation of anomalies in stock markets.

Financial Management II


The aim of this course is to deepen knowledge in the field of corporate finance and its interaction with taxation and accounting. It is intended that students take contact with the best papers published in specialized reviews of Finance, Tax and Accounting.

Portuguese Tax System I


The aim of the course is to analyze deeply the Portuguese tax system, especially direct taxation and other tax systems. It also examined the impact of some recent tax reforms in other developed countries of the European Union and the United States of America.

Portuguese Tax System II



The aim of the course is to analyze deeply the Portuguese tax system, especially indirect taxation and Municipal Tax on Real Estate Transfer (IMT), Municipal Tax on Real Property (IMI) and Stamp Duty (IS)

Tax and Financial Auditing and European Tax Harmonization



Accounting and Mangement Control


  Part I - Characterize the main models of organizational performance measurement and control, including some recent developments in the area. Encourage the critical analysis of design solutions for management control systems.

Part II - The Accounting unit aims to provide the necessary knowledge to understand and read the Financial Statements of companies. The unit privileges the interpretation of financial information, to the detriment of its construction, and has as permanent concern the discussion of the standard and theoretical concepts associated with financial reporting. Topics of recognized interest and recent international and national development related to the reformulation of the normative accounting framework in the European Union and in Portugal are addressed.



Financial Mangement III


This course analyzes several derivatives and describes the markets where they are traded. The approach proposed here consists mainly in examining the use of these products for hedging and investment purposes.  Each derivative is analyzed in detail both from a theoretical and a practical perspective and several case studies are examined. 

Taxes and Corporate Strategy and Tax Optimization



Dissertation/Work Project/Internship

2FIF11 - ECTS O estudante irá realizar, sob a supervisão de um ou mais orientadores, uma dissertação de natureza científica ou um trabalho de projeto, originais e especialmente realizados para este fim, ou um estágio de natureza profissional objeto de um relatório final, documentos esses que serão apresentados e discutidos em prova pública.

Dissertation/Work Project/Internship Plan


Help students to develop high-level scientific research.



Presentation and discussion of current research in finance, taxation and accounting. Particular attention is given to a quantitive approach.
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