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Doctoral programme in Economics

General information

Official Code: 9339
Acronym: DECON


  • Economics (240 ECTS credits)
  • Advanced Studies (3rd cycle) in Economics (120 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Econometrics I

PhDEcon104 - ECTS
The purpose of this course is to familiarize the students with a set of statistical and econometric tools commonly used to investigate microeconomic data. The emphasis in on the specification, estimation, interpretation, and testing of microeconometric models.
In the end of the semester the students should have a thorough knowledge of the main econometric models commonly used to analyse micro data and should be able to estimate them using the econometric software stata.

Mathematical Economics

PhDEcon101 - ECTS

The aim of this course is to provide the elementary mathematical tools and skills used in the development of advanced research in Economics.

Macroeconomics I

PhDEcon103 - ECTS

The objective of this course is to introduce students to a core of advanced macroeconomic theories, models and technical tools.
It is assumed that students have some understanding -- at the undergraduate level -- of the basic object, objective and method of macroeconomic analysis. Students that do not abide by this requirement should read some adequate textbook ahead of the semester.
In view of the broad band purpose of the course, it comprises topics in both economic growth and economic fluctuations. It further includes a third part on macroeconomic policy.
At the end of the course, students should be able to understand and formalize fundamental problems of macroeconomic theory and be capable of develop their macroeconomics knowledge in the following course of Macroeconomics II PhDEcon106.

Microeconomics I

PhDEcon102 - ECTS

The objective of this course is to present advanced microeconomics tools to analyze economic problems.

Econometrics II

PhDEcon108 - ECTS

The aim of the course is to introduce students to advanced methods for analysing time series data and which can be used to address questions of interest to academics, business and central bank economists in the fields of macroeconomics, business cycle analysis, growth theory, monetary, financial, and international economics.

Computacional Economics

PhDEcon107 - ECTS

This course deals with the computational resolution of economic models. The aim is to provide students with the computational tools and numerical techniques necessary to implement and solve economic problems on computer.
To do so, we begin with the economic problem, illustrate its mathematical modelling and discuss its computational form. Computational implementation of the problem allows it to be simulated in various scenarios and therefore enables economic interpretation of the results. Students will be challenged to modify the computational programs following proposals to change the base models.
At the end of the course, the students will have the necessary computational skills to understand and analyse economic models with ease, overcoming limitations such as the size of the problem and/or the non-existence of explicit solution. This skill may then be used to produce their own research.

Macroeconomics II

PhDEcon106 - ECTS

Macroeconomy II is a course of the 2nd semester of 1st year of the PhD in Economics which aims, as a continuation of Macroeconomy I, at developing model and theoretical issues on aggregate demand fluctuations. In particular, the behaviours of aggregate demand and supply are analysed in the context of standard rational expectations new-keynesian models.

Microeconomics II

PhDEcon105 - ECTS


To teach game theory so that the students can acquire the instruments they need to understand firms' behaviour in oligopoly. Most of the applications studied will then be on the firms' behaviour

Advanced Economic Analysis

PhDEcon201 - ECTS

Advanced Economic Analysis is a second-year course of the PhD program in Economics. State-of-the-art tools for both micro and macroeconomics, as well as for policy modelling are taught. The course aims to prepare students to formulate and analyse dynamic models in which the decision problems of the agents are explicitly stated. The course is organized in a series of topics and seminars. Since it is intended that students be exposed to lectures and research experience of high international levels, each topic is taught by visiting professors of recognized expertise.

History of Economics Thought

PhDEcon202 - ECTS

    To provide an awareness of the historical processes involved in the establishment of twentieth century economic theories and concepts.


PhDEcon203 - ECTS

This course aims to improve the skills of students in scientific research.

Advanced Topics in Economics I

PhDEcon204 - ECTS The aims of this course is to develop skills in economic analysis and the research capacity of PhD students, as well as to increase their knowledge on an advanced topic in economics that can serve for the preparation of their thesis.

Advanced Topics in Economics II

PhDEcon205 - ECTS The aims of this course is to develop skills in economic analysis and the research capacity of PhD students, as well as to increase their knowledge on an advanced topic in economics that can serve for the preparation of their thesis.

Thesis Project

PhDEcon206 - ECTS

The course of Thesis Project is the major curricular unit in the fourth semester of the Doctoral Programme in Economics. It plays a key role in the student's transition from the course component of the Doctoral programme to the period of development of the doctoral thesis.

The contents and functioning of the course are designed toward the ultimate goals of determining whether the student has adequate scientific maturity to start working on his/her doctoral thesis, as well as helping the student to focus his/her research on specific topics that may lead to a sucessful Doctoral Thesis.

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