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The search for accommodation, whether referring to University Residences of the University of Porto, or referring to private accommodation is up to the student. FEP has no responsibility for managing this need.

Accommodation in university residence

    The University of Porto's Social Services (SASUP) has 9 University Residences with capacity for 1192 students. The residences are intended for student accommodation at the University of Porto, with priority being granted to students covered by the Scholarship System who, due to their distance or difficulty of transportation, cannot live with the household during the academic year. Vacancies are reserved annually for scholarship students from other entities and for students attending U. Porto under mobility programs and other protocols. In all SASUP Residences are provided bed linen and towels. Students can use self-service Laundry.

    More information about university residences please access SASUP’s website .

Private accommodation

    Porto has been chosen by both national and international students as a study destination. For this reason, the city has been growing in terms of private accommodation (apartments, private residences…) and prices vary according to the location or conditions offered.

    FEP has set up a partnership with Livensa Living, whereby FEP students get a 30% discount on the booking fee.

    FEP has also established a partnership with the U.hub University Residence at the Asprela Campus with advantageous conditions for FEP students. More information here, or the following contacts: info@uhub.eu; +351 932 963 158 (Inês Santos).

    More recently a partnership was established with Studyou Porto Asprela , with FEP students having access to a kitchen kit or a bathroom kit. More information is available here

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