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About FEP


FEP Instalações

Since 1974, the School of Economics and Management has been located in the Asprela Campus of the University of Porto, in the north-eastern area of the city. It was the first school to settle in this Campus after the School of Medicine.
FEP occupies two buildings – the main building and the post-graduate building – situated in a park roughly 45,000 m2 in size.

The main building, designed by architect Alfredo Viana de Lima, is a landmark in the history of Portuguese modern architecture and is classified as a monument of public interest. It is characterized by "a serene monumentality, that is, an impression of classic solidity which extends throughout its interior".

The building is recognized for its formal coherence and architectural quality, evolving around the articulation of horizontal volumes and interior patios. It melds geometric composition with the articulation of contrasting shapes, alternating indiscriminate and dense volumes with large voids of paned glass atria and horizontal elements with vertical elements. A vertical obelisk by sculptor José Rodrigues demarcates the main entrance of the building.

The Post-Graduate building, designed by architect Camilo Cortesão, was inaugurated on May 5th, 2006. It is organized into three bodies, interconnected on the upper level by a gallery. The central body, where the main entrance is located, consists of two volumes situated on each side of the gallery and opens onto a patio, which connects it to the main building. The other two bodies are elongated constructions with corridors that run perpendicular to the gallery.

The two buildings are situated on a 45,794 m2 plot of land and surrounded by greenery, benches and pathways. The plant life takes on the characteristics of a meadow and includes diverse species of trees with a clear predominance of poplars, but also including sweet gums, American oaks, wild plum trees and birches, among others.

Text based on the preamble of the Decree 173/2013 from the descriptive memory of the project of “Ampliação da Faculdade de Economia – Corpo Norte” and of “Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto - Requalificação do Edifício e Espaços Exteriores - Projecto de Execução"; descriptive memory; January de 2016.

Virtual tour of the main building

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