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Carlos Pimenta

Fotografia de Carlos José Gomes Pimenta
Name: Carlos José Gomes Pimenta Link to the personal page of Carlos José Gomes Pimenta
Acronym: CJGP
Code: 204107
Status: Active
Institutional E-mail: pimenta@fep.up.pt
Alternative E-mail: cjgpimenta@gmail.com
Telephone Extension: 4262
Telephone: 220426262
Rooms: P758


Category: Professor Catedrático
Career: Pessoal Docente de Universidades
Professional Group: Docente
Área Científica: Agrupamento Científico de Economia
Interrupção: Licença sabática
Início da Interrupção: 01-02-2018
Fim da Interrupção: 31-08-2018


Position Beginning date
Docente Responsável de Curso de Educação contínua Ciências Sociais e Interdisciplinaridade 2014-02-06
Docente Responsável de Curso de Educação contínua Economia e Fraude 2014-02-06

Personal Presentation

1. Carlos José Gomes Pimenta.
Date of birth: 5th September, 1948, Lisbon, Portugal.

2. Economist. Lecture since 1975. Today is Full Professor at Faculdade de Economia (FEP), Oporto University.

3. 1996: Agregação at Faculdade Economia (FEP). Focus: "The Concept of Market and its constituent elements."
1985: Ph.D. in Economics at the Instituto Superior de Economia (ISE). Lisbon. Theme: "Inflation in Portugal". Complementary Theme: "Determinants of Wages in the Building Sector".
1971: Bachelor in Economics at the Instituto Superior de Económicas e Financeiras (ISCEF), today ISEG, Lisbon.

4. Disciplines taught (in bachelor, master and Ph. D): National Accounts, Public Economics, Money and Prices, Marxist Economics, Monetary and Financial Policy, Economics Introduction, Applied Economic Studies, Portuguese Economy, Seminar of Economics, Study and Research, Economic Policy, Advanced Economic Theory, Teaching Introductory Economics, Structural Changes of the Portuguese Economy, Economic and Social Development, Cooperation and Development, Project Management, Epistemology of Interdisciplinary, Globalization in Africa.
Supervision of master and Ph. D. programs.
Organization of national and international conferences.

5. Organizer and Coordinator of Post-Graduate in Fraud Management.

6. Research themes: Portuguese Economy (Inflation, Phillips Curve, Wages, Education and Development, Local Development), African Economy (Development, Cooperation) Interdisciplinary and Complexity, Globalization, Non-Observed Economy and Fraud Management. Manager of the World Bank Project "Revitalization of the University Agostinho Neto in Angola" (1993-1996). Researcher and founder of the Center for African Studies of Oporto University. Researcher, founder and director of Observatory of Fraud in Economics and Management (OBEGEF).

7. Prize «Outstanding Achievement in Outreach / Community Service» (2012) of ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)

8. Author of several scientific materials: books, book chapters, journal articles, working papers, e-learning, conference papers, magazine articles, research projects, teaching materials. Its partial listing can be found at http://www.fep.up.pt/docentes/cpimenta.

9. Pro-Rector of Oporto University for Administrative Information Technology and for Cooperation with Africa (1988-1998). Leader in several projects.

10. Outside the University worked in Labor Economics, Administrative Computing, Development, Education and Development.
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