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Management Instruments for Healthcare Services

Curso | Instrumentos de Gestão para Serviços de Saúde

This programme is taught in Portuguese and addresses the Portuguese reality.

Health services face profound challenges that were aggravated by the situation experienced during the Covid19 pandemic. Resources are increasingly scarce (particularly in the public sector) to respond to the increased needs (delay in diagnoses and treatments and new situations of disability resulting from the pandemic), which requires professionals and institutions to be able to better manage form the resources at your disposal. To this end, they should know how to interpret economic evaluation studies (topic of the module “Methodologies for Efficiency in Health Services”), be able to assess the interest in carrying out investments in health equipment and technologies (“Financial Planning in Health Services”), Health”), to define and control the execution of budgets and program contracts (“Budget Planning and Management”) and, finally, to think in an innovative way by creating structures and cultures that promote innovation (“Innovation in Health”).

Target group

Current and future professionals in the health sector who hold at least a bachelor's degree.

Specific admission conditions:
Hold a bachelor's degree or legal equivalent.

Ranking Criteria:
1. Priority* for people over 23 years old;

2.1. Academic and/or scientific curriculum (70%);
2.2. Professional curriculum (30%).

*The present training prioritizes the admission of over 23-years-old candidates (age at the beginning of the training), so under-age candidates can be admitted, however, they will only be graded after the admission of all eventual over 23-years-old candidates.

Application date.

Important dates:

Submission of applications – 22/02 to 09/03/2023. Extended term for: 20/03/2023.
Posting of provisional results – 17/03/2023. (new date: 21/03/2023 - Provisional Results)
Prior hearing – 20 to 31/03/2023. (new date:21 to 31/03/2023)
Posting of final results – 04/04/2023.
Complaints submission – 04 to 26/04/2023.
Publication of complaints decision – 02/05/2023.
Enrolment and registration – 04 to 06/04/2023.

Submit application

Places: 30
(N. min. of students - 15)


  1. Learning objective: to promote the use of Health Management tools and, therefore, a more efficient use of resources.
  2. Skills to be acquired: analytical skills (use of quantitative methodologies for financial and budgetary analysis; assessment of the impact of financial and budgetary constraints on the functioning of health services; decision-making skills.
  3. Topics: Planning and Budget Management in Health Services (3 ECTS); Financial Planning in Health Services (3 ECTS); Innovation in Health (3 ECTS); Methodologies for Efficiency in Health Services (3 ECTS).

Teaching team:

Professor Álvaro Almeida (Coordinator);
Professor João Ribeiro;
Professor Susana Oliveira (Coordinator);
Professor Vítor Macedo.

Teaching mode:


Calendar: 13 weeks, from 11th April to 12th July, 2023.

Hours: Evenings, 3 hours a day (2 days a week) – Tuesdays and Wednesdays (and Monday, 24th April).



¤1200 (+ ¤2 Student Insurance)

Regulation for the Attribution of Incentive Scholarships for the (Re)qualification and Updating of Skills in the Scope of Non-Degree-Granting Training at the University of Porto, under the «Impulso Adultos» Program of the PRR: see Regulation no. 634/2022, published in Diário da República on 13th July.

- Number (maximum) of scholarships | 15 individual scholarships for students enrolled in the FULL programme (12 ECTS).
- Pecuniary value of the individual scholarships | ¤960 for each scholarship.

- Notice: Call for Applications to Scholardship.
Scholarship Applications Form.

Data Protection

In addition to the regular purposes of using your data by the U.Porto, related to the selection and ranking of applications and, later, with the academic management of the selected candidates, we inform you that, given the framework of this training within the scope of the «Program U.Porto Multidisciplinary Training – Impulso Jovens STEAM & Impulso Adultos» (PRR), the identification of all participants (name, NIF and contact details) must be communicated to Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior for the purpose of monitoring the execution of the project . Any questions about the processing of your data can be addressed to the Data Protection Officer of the U.Porto, to dpo@reit.up.pt.»

This edition of the course "Management Instruments for Healthcare Services" is financed by funds from the «Next Generation EU» programme of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), through the «Programa de Formação Multidisciplinar da U.Porto – Impulso Jovens STEAM & Impulso Adultos».


Academic Services

General information

Teacher Responsible: Álvaro Almeida
Acronym: IGSS
Type of course/cycle of study: Continuing Training Course
Start: 2022/2023

Study Plan


  • Management Instruments for Healthcare Services (12 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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