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Master in Management

General information

Official Code: 9295
Acronym: MIM


  • Master in Management (120 ECTS credits)
  • Studies in Management (75 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Sales Management

2GE02 - ECTS

The course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing, marketing strategy and sales strategy making, and the role of marketing in the modern corporation.

The focus will be on getting to know the basic techniques for defining and segmenting a market for goods and services, choosing a segment as target and then integrating product, price, promotion and distribution to offer a superior marketing mix leading to long term competitive advantage.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

2GE04 - ECTS

As goods and services are produced and distributed, they move through a set of interrelated operation and processes. The design of these operations for gaining a strategic advantage, investments in improving their efficacy, and controlling these operations to meet performance objectives is the domain of Operations and Supply Chain Management. This course leads students to practical and conceptual aspects of operations and supply chain management. Students will gain a strong understanding of logistics management and supply chain planning methods. Case studies and examples will be employed throughout the course to promote discussion and support the application of logistics concepts to real-life issues.

People Management

2GE05 - ECTS

(a) Make sense of the different theoretical perspectives to the management of people and equip the students to further understand the major challenges involved in both managing and being managed in an organisational context

(b) Develop the skills and abilities to analyse management problems with a relevant “human factor” in a context of significant changes in work relations and in the social and economic environments in which organisations operate.

Strategic Management

2GE03 - ECTS


At the end of the course each student is supposed to handle, discuss and apply the basic concepts of strategic analysis and strategic implementation.

Financial Management

2GE01 - ECTS

The objective of the discipline is to go through the major problems of Corporate Finance, formulating the most important issues arising from the financial activity of a corporation, that is, the concepts, methods and decision tools which serve as a basis for financial analysis and decision-making in the company, namely investment and financing decisions. It will be sought always a direct support on the contributions of the most relevant academic work on each issue.

The program is developed following a perspective of the value of the corporation. As a basic paradigm, it has been adopted the one of the maximization of the value of the corporation for its shareholders, partners or owners. Every financial issue will thus be approached in terms of its potential for generating corporate value.

Accounting and Management Control

2GE11 - ECTS

This course will explore recent discussions and advances in management accounting and control research and practice. Particular attention will be devoted to topics related with cost behaviour and management, and with decision making at an operational and strategic level.

Students will be encouraged to develop a critical approach about the course topics.

QTEM Data Challenge

2GE22 - ECTS This course seeks to give students real-world experience with analytical and quantitative treatment of challenging data sets for organizational management decision-making. while increasing
multicultural group-working capabilities and enhancing scholarship among globally
dispersed students originating from the QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and
Management) network schools.

Project Management

2GE14 - ECTS


  • Provide an introduction to projects and project management.

  • Describe the main components of the project plan.

  • Describe the main concepts and techniques for scheduling a project.

  • Describe the main concepts and techniques for allocating and leveling resources.

  • Describe the main budgeting methods, and the main types of cost.

  • Describe the main concepts regarding the monitoring and controlling of a project, with particular emphasis on the Earned Value indicators.

  • Describe the main concepts regarding the termination and evaluation of a project.


Advanced Strategic Management

2GE21 - ECTS

This course aims to provide an integrated perspective of the diverse aspects of strategy. During the sessions, a set of key frameworks and concepts will be introduced in order to create and deliver an effective strategy. This will be done through cases, class discussions and readings that will promote critical thinking and foster class discussion on the management of strategy.
The course is focused on developing the strategic competencies of the students, by presenting and discussing world-class strategic practices and concepts in the business context.
By the end of the course, students will be able to design and implement an effective strategy, adapting class concepts and frameworks to real life experience.

Business2Business Marketing

2GE16 - ECTS

This course has two main goals: (1) To present and discuss the basic conceptual tools of Marketing in Business-to-Business contexts; based on those concepts, (2) to develop the abilities of students to analyse and make decisions regarding the main marketing variables in an integrated organizacional process. This course adopts a non-traditional approach to Business-to-Business Marketing that has as core elements the management of inter-organizational relationships in network contexts. Students will have the opportunity to compare this approach with more classical (.e.g Kotlerian) approaches and discuss its adequacy in B2B settings.

Dissertation/Work Project/Internship

2GE20 - ECTS Following the previously developed work plan, students will produce a dissertation, curricular internship and its report, or project (hereafter mentioned as "dissertation"), on a specific subject in the area of Management.

Data Analysis

2GE07 - ECTS

Graduate students in methods of data analysis, so that the students know to extract the essential information of a potentially large set of data.

Business Cases Analysis

2GE08 - ECTS

This course aims to provide students with the knowledge needed for the analysis of a diverse range of Business Cases . It is expected that by the end of the course the students are able to:

a) identify problem (s) present in the business case
b) critically analyze the context in which the company operates by appropriate  databases and methodologies
c) identify alternative solutions to the problem (s) identified and provide the best solution to be proposed by using appropriate decision criteria 
d) analyze the financial and organizational impacts of the proposed recommendation;
e) submit an implementation plan;
f) identify key risks given the proposed recommendation.

Additionally, students are required to present their proposals orally.



2GE09 - ECTS The course's main goal is that students are able to identify a business opportunity and to embody it in a business plan that can be presented to potential investors. The whole process will be developed in working teams.
Additionally, students are expected to distinguish between emergent and planned processes to develop new ventures and to understand when to use those different processes.

Work Plan (Dissertation / Work Project /Internship)

2GE10 - ECTS

To allow students to apply the knowledge acquired in the first year of the Master in Management programme, in preparing their dissertation plan.




2GE06 - ECTS

To confront students with recent discussions/controversies in various areas of Management.

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