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Pedagogic Council

Acronym: CP
Person in Charge: José Manuel Nunes Sousa Neves Cruz
Mission: Competences of the Pedagogic Council:

a) To prepare and approve its own statutes;
b) To opine about teaching approaches and methods of teaching and evaluation;
c) To promote regular surveys of teaching performance on the faculty, proceeding to its analysis and disclosure to competent authorities;
d) Promote the implementation of the evaluation of teaching performance through appropriate and reliable methods, proceeding to its analysis and disclosure to competent authorities;
e) To analyze requests on pedagogical aspects of education and propose the necessary measures for their improvement, considering lecturers’ opinion and taking into account the specificity of the subjects;
f) To approve pedagogical regulations and the undergraduate’s evaluation regulation, after consulting the Scientific Council;
g) To approve the evaluation schemes of worker students, athletes and undergraduate who are association leaders;
h) To opine about the undergraduate prescribing scheme and the undergraduate precedence scheme;
i) To opine about the creation, changes and extinction of cycles of studies;
j) To opine about the creation of academic awards;
k) To opine about the school calendar and maps of exams tests proposed by the students representation;
l) To perform other duties prescribed by law and the Statutes.

Description: The Pedagogic Council is composed by five academics’ representatives, and five students’ representatives.

Current constitution:

Representing the professors:

Prof. Doutor José Manuel Nunes de Sousa Neves Cruz
Profª Doutora Anabela de Fátima da Costa Leão
Prof. Doutor José António do Carmo da Silva Sá dos Reis
Prof. Doutor Tiago Azevedo Ramalho
Prof.ª Doutora Inês Maria Ermida de Sousa Guedes

Representing the students:

Ana Margarida Marques Pereira
Ana Rita Vieira da Silva
António Alfredo Rolland Sobral da Graça Moura
Maria Lígia Alves Caldeira
Margarida Silva Fernandes

E-mail: pedagogico@direito.up.pt
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