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The adaptation of the 3. Cycle of studies was the final step of the route started with the adequacy of the degree and the creation of 2. Cycle of studies in law, thus completing the overall offer of degrees in the Faculty of Law University of Porto.

The current doctoral program succeeded to the previous PhD in Law granted by the institution (Resolution no. º 7/SC/93 of 15.1.93, DR, II series, n. º 94 of 22/04/93, with branches of knowledge approved by Senate Resolution no. º 1143/2002, published in the DR, series II, n. 156 of 9.7.2002). The adequation to the proposals of the so-called "Bologna Declaration" as well as the guidelines of the Law n. º 49/2005 of 30 August and Decree-Law n. No. 74/2006 of 24 March, and its subsidiary legislation justified the alteration.

The new phd program follws deliberação n.º 3068/2009 (DR II Série, n.º 217, de 09 de Novembro de 2009) corrected by the Declaração de retificação n.º 1580/2012 (DR.II Série n.º 238, de 10 de Dezembro de 2012).


Scientific Committee:
- Prof.ª Doutora Luísa Neto
- Prof.ª Doutora Glória Teixeira
- Prof. Doutor Paulo de Tarso


This cycle opens to an interdisciplinary and universal problematisation of the emerging ethical and social responsibilities in Law.
To this extent, the general objectives must correspond to the scientific skills of graduates demanded to the students that can be summarized in the following points:
• To encourage critical thinking and practical applications in the scientific area of expertise, including problem solving in wide multidisciplinary contexts;
• To integrate information and knowledge, including reflections on the ethical implications that result from the proposed solutions;
• To consolidate soft skills characteristics of a higher level of academic training (eg, scientific autonomy, critical thinking, communication skills of reasoning and conclusions) imposed by the standards of academic integrity;
• To contribute indeed to the widening of the frontiers of knowledge, able to grant the interest of disclosure by national or international publications

Fields of Specialization

No specific branches

Professional Abilities

The pdh programme in law has a 4 year duration. The sole requirement is the preparation of an original thesis appropriate to this branch of study. There isn't therefore a PHD course as made possible by the decree of law 74/2006 of 24 march. As there is a master’s degree in law (with several areas of expertise and a strong curricular structure that allies professional practice and research skills), FDUP considered more suitable to offer as a 3rd cycle a totally research program.
Each student has a supervisor (and a co-supervisor, should that be the case) and is closely monitorized by the Phd director and scientific committee, that follow the progress of work, assesses the student’s performance and the obtained results. While students are preparing the thesis and in accordance with the individual plan agreed with their supervisor(s), students must:
a)    Take part in scientific meetings
b)    Participate as trainee in research center, in Portugal or abroad
c)    Prepare an annual progress report on their research and present it to their fellow students and academic staff and supervisors
d)    Publish partial results of their research in peer reviewed international journals
This model follows the overall plan of pdh programs in this academic area in Europe.


Please ask informations to posgrad@direito.up.pt

General information

Official Code: 9338
Director: Helena Mota
Acronym: DDB
Academic Degree: Doctor
Type of course/cycle of study: Doctoral Degree
Start: 2009/2010
Duration: 4 Years

Study Plan


  • Law (240 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

Previous Courses/Cycles of Study

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