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Computer Aided Drawing

Code: EGEO1002     Acronym: EGEO1002

Classification Keyword
OFICIAL Surveying Engineering

Instance: 2021/2022 - 1S Ícone do Moodle

Active? Yes
Responsible unit: Department of Geosciences, Environment and Spatial Plannings
Course/CS Responsible: First Degree in Geospatial Engineering

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
L:EG 18 The study plan from 2019 1 - 6 56 162

Teaching Staff - Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibility
Jose Carlos Pinto Bastos Teixeira Silva

Teaching - Hours

Theoretical classes: 2,00
Theoretical and practical : 2,00
Type Teacher Classes Hour
Theoretical classes Totals 1 2,00
Jose Carlos Pinto Bastos Teixeira Silva 2,00
Theoretical and practical Totals 1 2,00
Jose Carlos Pinto Bastos Teixeira Silva 2,00

Teaching language

Suitable for English-speaking students


- Develop capabilities of technical drawing;

- Developing creative thinking, and the ability to express ideas using graphs;

Learning outcomes and competences

Modelling resolution of problems;

Representation in 2D/3D following the norms of precision drawing.

Working method




Generals - artboard, start/end a session, Toolbars;

Coordinate systems/ Feature selection / Draw commands:

Units, Limits, Snap, Grid, Osnap, Select Object, Line, Construction Line, Ray, Sketch, Spline, Arc, Circle, Donut, Ellipse, Trace, Solid, Polyline, Multiline, Polygon, Point, Rectangle;

Visualization/Edition/Quality, Printing (Plot): zoom, Pan, Regen, View, Dsviewer, Plan, Undo, Redo, Redraw, Erase, Oops, Offset, Copy, Move, Rotate, Array, Mirror, Chanfer, Fillet, Extend, Trim, Stretch, Lengthen, Scale, Break, Hatch, Bhatch, Hatchedit, Bpoly;

Libraries/Layers & Linetypes: Block/Bmake, Insert, Minisert, Rename, Explode, Purge, Layer, Linetype;

Object properties/ Dimension: Change, Chprop, Properties, Ltscale, Dim, Qdim, Dimension Style;

Text: List, Id, Area, Dist, Text, Dtext, Mtext

Mandatory literature

Rabdy Shih; AutoCAD 2015 Tutorial - First Level: 2D Fundamentals, Better Textbooks Lower Prices, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-58503-864-0
Alf Yarwood; Introduction to AutoCAD 2010 (2D and 3D Design)., 2010

Teaching methods and learning activities

Solving problems in AutoCAD.


AutoCAD 2020

Evaluation Type

Distributed evaluation without final exam

Assessment Components

designation Weight (%)
Participação presencial 50,00
Trabalho laboratorial 50,00
Total: 100,00

Amount of time allocated to each course unit

designation Time (hours)
Frequência das aulas 14,00
Total: 14,00

Eligibility for exams

Lab work and a Final Project.

Calculation formula of final grade

Mean of all marks obtained in class = 50%

Homework Projects = 50%


Classification improvement

The possible improvement of mark may be achieved with the preparation of an extra work project (to be developed as homework).
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