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Code: EGEO5000     Acronym: EGEO5000

Classification Keyword
OFICIAL Surveying Engineering

Instance: 2021/2022 - A

Active? Yes
Responsible unit: Department of Geosciences, Environment and Spatial Plannings
Course/CS Responsible: Master's degree in Remote Sensing

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
M:DR 7 The study plan from 2018 2 - 54 36 1458

Teaching Staff - Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibility
Maria Joana Afonso Pereira Fernandes

Teaching - Hours

Tutorial Supervision: 1,28
Type Teacher Classes Hour
Tutorial Supervision Totals 1 1,28
Maria Joana Afonso Pereira Fernandes 0,00

Teaching language

Portuguese and english


The curricular unit "Dissertation / Training Course" is an opportunity for the student to evidence knowledge/ understanding of a topic or specific topics addressed in the master's degree.

The main objectives of the dissertation are to allow students to develop their capacity to carry out scientific research, under the guidance of a supervisor and / or co-supervisor. The training course aims to assess the ability of students to meet the challenges of a labor market in constant development and promote the students' curriculum enrichment in view to their professional integration in companies working in Remote Sensing amd related fields.

Learning outcomes and competences

It is expected that students:

- have improved: (i) their research skills and ability to solve problems; ii) their ability to synthesise and integrate knowledge; ii) their critical sense.

- are able to successfully carry out dissertation / internship work and present it in a public academix assessment.

Working method



In the Dissertation/Training course, each student, under the guidance of a supervisor and/or a co-supervisor, will develop a theme related to Remote Sensing. The student will prepare a Dissertation or an Written Report which will be evaluated through public academic assessment

Mandatory literature

Vários; Revistas científicas disponibilizadas pela UP.
Various; Scentifica journals available through UP.

Comments from the literature

Each  supervisor shoud indicate the bibliography suitable for each thesis/training course.

Teaching methods and learning activities

Dissertation: The student should carry out a scientific research work in a fundamental or applied field of Remote Sensing under the guidance of a supervisor and/or co-supervisor.

Training Course: The student must work autonomously in a company guided by a supervisor in the company, and by a supervisor from FCUP.

Evaluation Type

Evaluation with final exam

Assessment Components

designation Weight (%)
Defesa pública de dissertação, de relatório de projeto ou estágio, ou de tese 100,00
Total: 100,00

Amount of time allocated to each course unit

designation Time (hours)
Apresentação/discussão de um trabalho científico 5,00
Estudo autónomo 708,00
Trabalho de investigação 745,00
Total: 1458,00

Eligibility for exams

This curricular unit does not have an academic component.

Calculation formula of final grade

Dissertation: the student's assessment consists in the analysis of his/her dissertation, specifically written for this purpose.
Training course: the assessment is carried out based on information obtained from the supervisor in the company, through an evaluation form, and based on a written report prepared for this purpose.
Both the dissertation and the Training course report must follow the norms regulated by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. Students will be evaluated through public academic assessment.

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