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Publications with the same scientific areas as the Resource aware calculi for programming languages publication

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Diogo Alexandre Rocha e Silva (Author) (FCUP)
Rafaela Silva Costa (Author) (FCUP)
Ignacio Videla Bonfanti (Author) (FCUP)
Roberta Duca (Author) (FCUP)
Andreina Marques de Castro (Author) (FCUP)
José Carlos Cortês Mesquita (Author) (FCUP)
Ivo Filipe Costa Lino Marinho (Author) (FCUP)
Oleh Mytakhir (Author) (FCUP)
Artur Manuel Pascoal Ferreira (Author) (FCUP)
Anabel Cristina Alves Ferreira (Author) (FCUP)
Ana Águeda Ferreira Pinto (Author) (FCUP)
Nuno Miguel Pinheiro Seabra (Author) (FCUP)
Marcos Daniel Ribeiro Rocha (Author) (FCUP)
João Filipe Guimarães Pinto (Author) (FCUP)
Marina Zaroni Tinoco da Silva (Author) (FCUP)
Eduarda Rafaela Ferreira Pinto (Author) (FCUP)
Daniel Filipe da Silva Pereira (Author) (FCUP)
Miguel José Meireles Moreira (Author) (FCUP)

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