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Map of Premises
FC6 - Departamento de Ciência de Computadores FC5 - Edifício Central FC4 - Departamento de Biologia FC3 - Departamento de Física e Astronomia e Departamento GAOT FC2 - Departamento de Química e Bioquímica FC1 - Departamento de Matemática


Doctor's Degree in Physics

Admissions Requirements

  1. 1.Applicants must hold a first degree and/or a Master in Physics, Engineering Physics, or related field. For degrees obtained in foreign countries, the Degree certificate/Diploma must be validated by one of these two requests:
    • Recognition by Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior of Portugal, or by a Higher Education Portuguese Institution, preferably with the conversion of the grade into the Portuguese scale. in fulfillment of the applicable legislation in the matter of recognition of foreign degrees, namely Decreto-Lei n.º 66/2018, of August 16, and Portaria nº33/2019, of January 25. More information available at: https://www.dges.gov.pt/en/pagina/degree-and-diploma-recognition
    • Authentication by Consular Offices or Embassies of Portugal located in the country where the qualification was obtained or by the Hague Apostille (for countries that acceded to the Hague Convention).
  2. Applicants must satisfy the requirements of article 30 of Law no.74/2006, of March 24 as altered by Laws no. 65/2018, of August 16.

Selection and Ranking Criteria

FG Final Grade of completed Degrees. Degrees expected to be completed by the deadline for registrations may be considered. The corresponding grade will be replaced by the partial grade of completed and certified curricular units. 0-20
YS (Years of study): 3/5 for a 3 year degree, 4/5 for a 4 year, 1 for full 5 years of previous training with completed degrees; Degrees expected to be completed by the deadline for registrations may be considered. YS of the corresponding degree will be multiplied by the ratio of completed credits to total credits of the degree. 3/5-1
AS (Area of study): maximum 1 (value for Physics and Physical Engineering); awarded by panel, taking into consideration suitability of previous studies for a PhD in Physics. 0-1
IT (Institution ): maximum of 1 (values for Portuguese universities). This factor is determined by the evaluation panel, using publicly available information on the institution(s) where the degrees were obtained. If the recognized degree in Portugal, in the terms of point 2 of this call, includes grade conversion, the value of this parameter is the same as for a Portuguese University. 0-1
SCV (Scientific and professional CV beyond degrees): maximum 20 points awarded by panel, based on CV and recommendation Letters. 0-20
MT (Motivation and research): maximum 10 points awarded by panel, on the basis of motivation letter, description of research, and/or interview. 0-10
Score = 70*(FG/20)*YS*AS*IT+ SCV+MT

Tied Applicants will be ranked according to the values of the parameters listed in the following order:
  • (FG/20)*YS*AS
  • SCV
  • MT



Course Director: pd.mapfis.diretor@fc.up.pt
Postgraduate Section: pos.graduacao@fc.up.pt
Students: pd.mapfis@fc.up.pt

General information

Official Code: 5154
Director: João Lopes dos Santos
Acronym: PDF
Academic Degree: Doctor
Type of course/cycle of study: Doctoral Degree
Start: 2008/2009
Duration: 3 Years

Study Plan

Involved Organic Units


  • Physics (180 ECTS credits)
  • Curso de Doutoramento em Física (não conferente de grau) (30 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

Previous Courses/Cycles of Study

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