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Master's degree in Remote Sensing

The study plan from 2018

Academic year:
Comments: The FCUP MSc in Remote Sensing is a two-year programme organised as follows:
a) a specialization of 60 ECTS credits, corresponding to the first curricular year, which confers a Specialization in Remote Sensing (non-degree awarding);
b) a scientific Ver o resto do texto

  1st Year
1st Semester
EGEO4015EGEO4015Fundaments of Remote Sensing6
EGEO4016EGEO4016Digital Image Processing6
M4108M4108Statistics Applied to Sciences and Engineering6
EGEO/CC4000EGEO/CC4000Computation for Remote Sensing6
EGEO4019EGEO4019Geographic Information Systems6
2nd Semester
EGEO4020EGEO4020GNSS Applications3
EGEO4021EGEO4021Remote Sensing and GIS Software3
EGEO4022EGEO4022Seminars in Remote Sensing3
EGEO4018EGEO4018Airborne Sensors and Photogrammetry3
Options (S2) - Table 4(1)
  • (1) The 1st year of the programme includes 15 ECTS to be obtained through optional curricular units. A specific set is provided (Table 4), that may be subject to revisions approved by the Scientific Council of FCUP.
    At least 9 of the 15 optional ECTS must be chosen from courses in the EGEO or EGEO/CAGR Scientific fields present in Table 4.
    The set of optional units selected by each student is subject to approval by the Scientific Committee of the MSc. Only at the end of the 1st semester will students be able to consciously make such choices, after seeking advice from the Scientific Committee of the MSc. FCUP will allow the corresponding enrollments to take place at the end of the 1st semester.

  2nd Year
Remote Detectives_M_Group remote sensing
1st Semester
Remote Detectives_M_Group remote sensing

Tipo de Classificação: OFICIAL

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  Agrarian Sciences

  Surveying Engineering


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