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Master's degree in Mathematics for School Teachers

General information

Official Code: 6341
Acronym: M:MPRO


  • Master's degree course in Mathematics for School Teachers (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialization in the Master's degree course in Mathematics for School Teachers (60 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Mathematics and Teaching

CE4000 - ECTS
 The main goal of the Mathematics and Teaching course is to create a discussion and reflection forum about fundamental aspects of the teaching and learning of mathematics, based on research in Mathematics Education (national and international), with an emphasis on qualitative research, in Mathematics Education, conducted in Portugal. In particular, the classes of this course look for: 1) Provide tools for analysis and reflection upon mathematics teaching and learning situations, based on the contributions of research in mathematics education to classroom teaching and professional development; 2) provide opportunities for understanding what is involved in designing and conducting a research study in mathematics education, with a special enphasis on qualitative research; 3) develop argumentation and reflection skills, as well as the capacity to work autonomously and collaborativelly; and 4) develop a life-long learning attitude and a predisposition to question the students' own conception and teaching practices.

Technology in Mathematics Teaching I

DID4015 - ECTS

- Use a computer program or a calculator to deal with problems of symbolic and numeric computation and graph plotting;

- Prepare exercises, tests, notes and presentations supported  on the  LaTeX language.



Topics of the History of Mathematics

M4027 - ECTS

Technology in Mathematics Teaching II

DID4016 - ECTS

- Use of dynamic geometry software in teaching and dissemination of mathematics;
- Prepare interactive web pages for teaching and dissemination of mathematics.
- Use interactive projection equipment in the classroom


M5010 - ECTS


M5011 - ECTS


M5013 - ECTS This curricular unit aims to complement the beginning of each student's dissertation work, whose objectives (and syllabus) are defined for each of  them by the respective supervisor. It is intended that students streamline how to make literature search, to select the important information for the development of the project.

Moreover, it is expected that students to develop methods of presentation and discussion of the results obtained during their dissertation work.
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