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Statement from college dean

(5th of October, 2020)

Dear Students,

As we all know, we are navigating through unprecedented times for most of us, and dealing with a worldwide pandemic while trying to lead a somewhat normal life.

As much as we hope otherwise, we have to acknowledge the fact that some cases might appear among our academic community. This is not something that should cause panic or unrest, but it is something that should keep as alert and attentive.  

And even though we believe you all to be careful, and to take care of your health as well as others’, let us remind you of some basic measures you should all adopt, and enforce among your peers, while at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto.

We remind you that access and stay at FCNAUP’s facilities is conditioned to following these social etiquette and safety rules.

Wear a mask inside FCNAUP’s facilities at all times 

You should put your mask before going in (and not when already inside) – in the case you forget your mask, please go to the reception desk where they can, exceptionally, give you a disposable one.

Keep a distance of at least 2 meters, in all occasions - always wear a mask,  whether you can keep a distance or not.

In case you need to have your meals at the Faculty, pay even more attention to keeping your distance, since you won’t be wearing a mask while eating.


  • Wash and sanitise your hands often – you can find several hand sanitiser dispensers around FCNAUP - please use the gel anytime you enter the building; also sanitise your hands every time you enter and leave a room.
  • Respect maximum capacity – do not use a room or facility if maximum capacity is already reached and all available places are taken.
  • Respect the posted signs – as with every other directive and recommendation, please take the indications in these signs seriously.
  • Stay at the Faculty only for the necessary time and for the necessary functions – you should only come to the Faculty when strictly necessary, either to attend classes or consult some Service in person. Remember some services may have different “open to public” hours and conditioned access, at this time.
  • Actively participate in the maintenance of clean and safe rooms and spaces and inform Security of any relevant situation.
  • Self-monitor your symptoms – in case you present symptoms indicative of possible COVID-19, suspected or confirmed,  do not come to FCNAUP.
  • Warn FCNAUP’s Direction secretariat immediately, in person, by telephone or through the email address covid19@fcna.up.pt, if you know of any suspected or confirmed cases and probable contacts they may have had – this way we can promptly take all the necessary measures to reduce the risk of infection.

(We would also recommend you to install the official STAYAWAY COVID app – this can be a helpful tool in keeping us informed of possible contacts with infected people and helping us control possible infections sooner.)


In case you suspect you have COVID-19:

As stated before do not come to FCNAUP, or leave the house, if you suspect you might have COVID-19.

Please call SNS24: 808 24 24 24 – our national health system direct line to speak with a health professional – explain your symptoms and follow their recommendations strictly.

If the diagnosis of COVID-19 is confirmed:

Follow all the instructions given by the health professionals for your quick recovery as well as others’ safety.

Inform FCNAUP, and the U.Porto International Office, so we can follow all the necessary procedures.

If you need any help during your isolation and recovery, you can contact us through the email addresses mobilidade@fcna.up.pt or covid19@fcna.up.pt.

You can also contact the dedicated task force U.Porto has set up for these cases: covid-19@reit.up.pt. Please visit their webpage, for all the important information on this matter.

Since we know self-isolation can be a very hard and anxious time, we also provide a Psychological Support Line - (+351) 220 408 408, where you can have support in several languages. For more info on schedule and languages available, please click here.

U.Porto will also continue to provide medical appointments, of different specialties, through SASUP – for any matters that are not COVID-19 related (for that you must call SNS24 and stay home). If you need an appointment send an email to U.Porto International Office: international@reit.up.pt.

In case you have difficulties keeping isolation, getting groceries or other necessities, please let us know as soon as possible so we can find a way to help you.


Once again, we ask you to keep you and others safe, and we are available for any doubts or issues that may occur.

Pedro Graça
(Dean of FCNAUP)* 

*With collaboration of International Relation Office: Joana Carvalho  

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