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Programmes 2022/2023

Master in Image Design

General information

Official Code: 9406
Acronym: MDI
Description: Abstract

The Master in Image Design acts upon a contemporary cultural and media universe where the image is put forward as the new unit of literacy and where its production and playback devices unfold in an increasingly complex range of possibilities. MDI is a multidisciplinary course furthering research in the areas of visual information, illustration, new media, documentary image, and the design of citizenship and social development.


  • Master in Image Design (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialty in Image Design (66 ECTS credits)

Local Applications

Prazos de Candidaturas e Vagas

Edit Concursos por Regime Scheme Vacancies Deadlines
Entrada em 2º ciclos de estudo Admission - 2nd cycle of studies admission 20 2015-05-18 to 2015-06-19
Entrada em 2º ciclos de estudo Admission - 2nd cycle of studies admission 20 2015-05-18 to 2015-06-19

Courses Units


P101 - ECTS Research and Validation Image as contemporary literacy unit.

The being irreducible to discursive order visual devices contribute to the intersection and convergence fields increasingly complex opportunities in new media.

Recognition of academic, cultural and professional level of the specifics of image, as a structural entity of communication design and multiple branches of knowledge.

Development of contemporary visual narratives as integrated processes of innovation and sustainability from the reconfiguration Image cultural and technological developments.

Produce prototypes and models in the field of visual communication applied to the respective needs of the market and public.

Development of documentary devices capable of providing us a view of the world from a single regional or global default location, bringing a transmissible heritage of individual and collective memory.

Digital Culture


With the Digital Culture CU we aim to endow the students with a broad perspective on the impact of the digital in society and culture, and to simultaneously provide mechanisms of analysis and reflection in order to establish a critical standpoint with operational characteristics.

Visual Devices


This class intends to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge around the image (photograohy and cinema), and also explore the role of the image in projects of visual communication.

History and Theory of Image

HTI104 - ECTS The presence constant of the audiovisual in contemporary society compels us to a continuous and close contact with various types of image. Through film, television, internet, video games or mobile phone we received a huge flow of images that we consume often indiscriminately. This visuality extremely complex implies new kinds of visual literacy, in order to a better understanding of the reality that surrounds us. Image theory seeks to promote this kind of reflection from a very diverse set of images produced and disseminated nowadays.



This course is dedicated to the study of computational systems and the design of the interactions with them.

Research and Project Methodologies (I)

DIMIII - ECTS Providing students with strujcturing knowledge associated with research practice.

Providing students with structuring skills associated with research practice.

Focus on applied research that will revert towards projects to be developed, as well as research models that may be adopted by others in the future.

Adopting hybrid methodological approaches, as effective ways of providing answers to the complexity of the universe of research.

Creating a forum on emerging paradigms of research in design, visual culture and image.

Acquisition of competences in formatting and structuring research documents.

Image Narratives

NI105 - ECTS

Introduction to (audio) visual narratives theory and history.
Motivate different methods of analysis. Accentuate a critical and contextualized reading. Statement of an individual and creative discourse.


Project / Dissertation / Internship


- In depth research methodologies to equip students in critical thinking about visual nature of projects to be undertaken during the semester;
- Research and validation of the image as contemporary unit literaci;
- Develop scientific interests that intersect with research projects able to provide us with a view of the world from a single regional or global standard, location, bringing a transmissible heritage of individual and collective memory; - Understanding of grammars related to the image in the contemporary context, both cultural as well as technological.

Research and Project Methodologies (II)

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