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Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects

The Master Degree in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects aims at outlining a multidisciplinary and thorough territory, offering an advanced studies program that is oriented towards the investigation, analysis and criticism of Graphic Design in general and editorial projects in particular. The program continues the studies began with the 1st cycle Degree in Communication Design, increasing its scope, both in comprehension and extension. From this wide perspective, the Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects, is intended for those who have a degree in Design or artistic creation areas, but also for those who have degrees in the diverse areas of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication.

Although it is a solid and long term established, both nationally and internationally, the scientific area of this Master Degree is under-represented at the higher level of academic studies. The Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects aims at filling this gap and, for this, it is groundbreaking and a front runner in the portuguese panorama. It is intended that the Master has a strong contribution to the affirmation of Graphic Design in the academic context, opening a platform of exchange between research and practical innovation. This exchange between the academia and the business world is settled by the creation of I&D labs that enable students with the opportunity to connect academic research and professional practice.


This Master emphasizes the mastery of the profession of being a designer, fostering narrative, strategic thinking and problem solving habilities, in order to promote the development of innovative conceptual responses in the Graphic Design area. The study plan organization of this Master is based on the direct participation of the students in the academic and business fields, bringing the common professional practices to the specific advanced studies. There is special focus on the Editorial Design, Infographics, Illustration and Typography areas, taken to be the support of the curricular structure. These four strands are interdependent and interrelated in the study plan. The curricular structure of the Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects is built on these four strands and it expands from there to other expertize areas in Design. Thus, the study plan takes in curricular units in articulation with other Master Degrees in the U.Porto and with professional leaders in diverse specialty areas. With this curricular organization, the aim is to question processes, procedures and projects, in order to form a matter for research in the nature of Graphic Design. The second year of the Master Degree is designed to allow the students to put the previous studies into practice. Thus, in this period, the students will be invited to accept an internship, endorsing a research project or writing a dissertation, with the support of a subject on methodology. In this way, the Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects aims to have a role in the search for a new paradigm in the thinking and the practice of Design.

General information

Official Code: 6822
Director: Pedro Amado
Acronym: MDGPE
Academic Degree: Master
Type of course/cycle of study: Masters Degree
Start: 2008/2009
Duration: 2 Years

Study Plan


  • Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialty in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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