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Arts, Culture and Business in the Digital Era

The post-graduation in Arts, Culture and Business in the Digital Era is the result of a partnership between the Schools of Fine Arts, Economics, Arts, as well as the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto.

The complexity and increasing speed of the transformations that have been affecting the arts, culture and creativity sector (particularly those driven by technology) require specific theoretical knowledge and practical tools, as well as spaces for effective experimentation, so that proposals for new dialogues with society, economy and policy might thus be fostered. In articulating higher education with the demands of the contemporary world, this program covers the challenges for the arts, culture and creative sector, through an innovative framework, promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience. As such, the program relies on a pool of expert professors as well as on the participation of external guests (academics and professionals, both national and international) and it will run in an immersive environment, at the premises of UPTEC Baixa (creative industries centre).


This training program is designed for active professionals and all those who wish to initiate their activity in domain of arts, culture and creativity, whether individually or within an organization (companies, associations, or other public or private institutions).


The main objectives of this programme are:

1. To provide specialized postgraduate training in the management of cultural and creative activities, through an interdisciplinary and critical perspective, integrating theoretical training into practice and experimentation within immersive contexts;
2. To provide a solid professional training, capable of responding to the present and future requirements of the covered areas, considering the ongoing transformations on different theoretical, technological and practice contexts, particularly within digital cultures;
3.  To develop the necessary skills for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, within a sustainable and responsible matrix, where cooperation and international networking are essential;
4. To critically value culture and the arts, and contribute to its social, political and economic enhancement.



Being designed as a specialization programme, the structure of the course, training methodologies and evaluation methods are oriented towards an active engagement of students and the maximization of the immersive context of UPTEC. Beyond theoretical contents, the course promotes contact with specialized professionals and application/ experimentation in projects developed by students throughout the programme. 

The course is therefore based on a tripartite structure, under close articulation:

  1. Theoretical part/ core curriculum (Theoretical seminars I e II)
  2. Technical domains of expertise, presented in panel sessions and seminars with professionals (Technical seminars in culture and creativity I and II) 
  3. Workshop (project lab), where students will develop their own projects.  

Scientific Commission

Clara Gonçalves (Executive director do UPTEC)

Heitor Alvelos (FBAUP, Director of the PhD in Design – University of Porto)

José Teixeira Coelho (Emeritus Professor of University of São Paulo and coordinator of the Computational Humanities Research Group - IEA/USP)

Marcos Cuzziol (Creative Manager of Itaú Cultural and researcher at IEA/ USP)


Sem Teóricos I ACC

Modulo 1: Art, culture and creativity

Sem Teóricos I CGD

Módulo 2: Culturas digitais/ Digital Cultures

Sem Teóricos II ESC

Módulo 1: Economia do sector cultural e criativo/ Economics of the cultural and creative sector

Sem Teóricos II PCD

Módulo 2: Políticas culturais e desenvolvimento/ Cultural policies and development











Sem Técnicos I MOC

Módulo 1: Modelos de organização das atividades culturais e criativas/ Organizational models of the cultural and creative activities

Sem Técnicos I CPAD

Módulo 2: Criação, produção, agenciamento e direção artística/ Creation, production, agency and artistic direction

Sem Técnicos I ADD

Módulo 3: Ambientes e dinâmicas digitais/ Digital environments and dynamics

Sem Técnicos II IPD

Módulo 1: Identidade, planeamento e desenvolvimento estratégico/ Identity, planning and strategic development

Sem Técnicos II PIN

Módulo 2: Propriedade intelectual e modelos de negócio/ Intellectual property and business models

Sem Técnicos II ICO

Módulo 3: Imagem e comunicação/ Image and communication

Sem Técnicos II DPJ

Módulo 4: Desenvolvimento de projeto/ Project development

General information

Teacher Responsible: Dinis Ribeiro
Acronym: ACEED
Type of course/cycle of study: Specialization
Start: 2018/2019
Duration: 1 Years

Study Plan

Involved Organic Units


  • Specialization in Arts, Culture and Business in the Digital Era (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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