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NEB goes South | 1st Call for NEBgS Partners - Schools


Following its recognition as the official NEB Lab of the New European Bauhaus, the NEB Goes South (NEBgS) initiative aims to expand its community in order to broaden the debate and conditions for emerging academic collaborations.

With education at the heart of the action, this 1st Call for Partners seeks University Schools related to thinking and designing our spatial environment (eg, architecture, construction, urban planning, landscape, design, arts…).

Within the framework of the European New Bauhaus movement and the Southern Europe context, selected partners are expected to:
- contribute to the discussion and assessment of the specific environmental and societal challenges faced by the Southern areas of Europe;
- jointly design concrete academic actions (e.g. teaching materials, courses, workshops, programs or research work...) that can orient an humanistic and professional culture that supports a more sustainable, beautiful and inclusive built environment.

If you are interested in joining our community, please submit your application here.

In the near future, NEBgS will launch new Calls for other types of Partners in order to expand the community and the outreach of its actions.
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