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One can apply for access to the 3rd cycle of studies leading to a doctoral degree:

a) The holders of a Bachelor's degree (Pre-Bologna) or Master's degree, in architecture or related areas (rather Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Design, Fine Arts ) with a minimum of 300 ECTS or equivalent and final average equal or higher than 14 values.

b) Exceptionally, may be admitted candidates with average under 14 values with academic, scientific or professional curriculum especially relevant, recognized by the Scientific Committee as certifying the ability for the attainment of this cycle of studies.

30 students:

10 at 1st call
10 at 2st call
10 at 3st call

55,00 Euros

Academic Curriculum - 40%
Scientific Curriculum/ Professional - 40%
Motivation Letter - 20%

Among the documents required in the application form, you must include:

1 - A "Document most representative of the Scientific / Professional Path of the candidate":
The candidate must choose a document (publication, project, work) that is more representative of the Scientific / Professional Course.

2 - "Letter of Motivation" (whose development should not exceed approximately 4000 characters):
A "Letter of Motivation", in which the candidate clarifies the reasons for his / her application, presents the "Document most representative of the Scientific / Professional Path of the candidate" and presents the idea of possible research, justifying the preference expressed by one of the Study Options.

Call for applications (1st Call): 02/01 a 01/03 de 2019
Call for applications (2nd Call): 02/03 a 13/05 de 2019
Call for applications (3rd Call): 14/05 a 18/07 de 2019

Applications Analysis (1st Call):04/03 a 20/03 de 2019
Applications Analysis (2nd Call):14/05 a 24/05 de 2019
Applications Analysis (3rd Call):19/07 a 30/07 de 2019

Provisional Results (1st Call)21/03 de 2019
Provisional Results (2nd Call)27/05 de 2019
Provisional Results (3rd Call)31/07 de 2019

Public Hearing (1st Call ): 22/03 a 04/04 de 2019
Public Hearing(2nd Call): 28/05 a 11/06 de 2019
Public Hearing(3rd Call): 03/08 a 19/08 de 2019

Final Results (1st Call): 08/04 de 2019
Final results (2nd Call): 12/06 de 2019
Final Results(3rd Call): 03/09 de 2019

Complaints Submission (1st Call ): 09/04 a 02/05 de 2019
Complaints Submission(2nd Call): 13/06 a 04/07 de 2019
Complaints Submission(3rd Call): 04/09 a 24/09 de 2019

Public Decision on complaints (1st Call ): 09/05 de 2019
Public Decision on complaints(2nd Call): 10/07 de 2019
Public Decision on complaints(3rd Call): 02/10 de 2019

Registration(1st Call) 10/04 a 22/04 de 2019
Registration (2nd Call) 14/06 a 26/06 de 2019
Registration(3rd Call) 06/09 a 17/09 de 2019

Admission of non-placed candidates (1st Call)28/04 a 08/05 de 2019
Admission of non-placed candidates (2nd Call)28/06 a 08/07 de 2019
Admission of non-placed candidates (3rd Call)19/09 a 27/09 de 2019

¤ 2.750,00 / year
Registration fee: ¤ 100,00
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