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Applications: PhD Programme in Architecture (PDA) 2019/2020

1st call for applications: January 2nd - March 1st 2019 | 2nd call for applications: March 2nd - May 13th 2019 | 3rd call for applications: May 14th - July 18th 2019

Online applications [1st Call: January 2nd — March 1st 2019]

The second call for application to the PhD Programme in Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture - University of Porto 2019/2020, is now open until May 13th and the third and last call from May 14th to July 18th.

The PDA – PhD programme in Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture - University of Porto (FAUP) aims to provide qualified training within the Third Cycle of Studies where the issues of architecture, organisation of space and representation are articulated with critical thinking and theoretical thought, substantiated by a thorough and innovative knowledge of project and research practices in an intervening disciplinary cultural and social perspective.

The study options envisage different aspects of Project Theories and Practices, Housing Project
and Ways of Inhabiting, Architecture: Theory Project History, Urban Forms and Dynamics, Architectural Heritage. The offer is complemented by elective curricular modules that deepen perspectives in terms of art and culture, politics and sociology, science and maths, philosophy, history, drawing, in order to define a multidisciplinary platform of support for the preparation of the PhD thesis.

The process of creation of the thesis bolsters close contact with professors and researchers of the Faculty and other institutions that carry its specific research interests for the debate circles created with the students in the different curriculum modules. However, individual and specific support for each student is equally important, considering the tutorial and training framework, keeping a close eye on the research perspectives and interests of each of the doctoral students.

The 1st year concludes with the presentation and defense of the Thesis Project in front of the Assessment Panel. The two subsequent years are dedicated to the writing of the thesis, under the scientific guidance of one professor or researcher at the Faculty of Architecture - University of Porto, likely integrating a team of co-supervisors (including external supervisors). The fulfilment of the projects of the theses is supervised and monitored through the completion of Investigation Practices and through the revision of the issue of the thesis, with the presentation of the Progress Report at the beginning of the 3rd year of the doctoral programme.
In the 2019/2020 academic year, the academic calendar (1st year) will consider the term times: end of September to November (8 weeks) + end of January to March (8 weeks) + May and June (4 weeks), Assessment Panels (the 2018/2019 academic calendar will be published in the 1st semester of 2018).

FAUP Professors who regularly collaborate with PDA: Alexandre Alves Costa; Álvaro Domingues; Ana Silva Fernandes; Carlos Machado; Domingos Tavares; Gonçalo Furtado; Helder Casal Ribeiro; João Pedro Xavier; Joaquim Moreno; José Miguel Rodrigues; José Quintão; Luís Pedro Silva; Luís Soares Carneiro; Luís Viegas; Madalena Pinto da Silva; Manuel Fernandes de Sá; Manuel Mendes; Marta Oliveira; Nuno Valentim Lopes; Pedro Alarcão; Raquel Paulino; Rui Braz Afonso; Rui Mealha; Rui Póvoas ; Rui Ramos; Teresa Calix; Teresa Cunha Ferreira; Vítor Silva. No âmbito do PDA, têm participado como Docentes Convidados: Ana Tostões (IST); Aurora Carapinha (U. Évora); Carmen Espegel (ETSAM); Jorge Figueira (DARQ-FCTUC); José Aguiar (FAUL); José António Bandeirinha (DARQ-FCTUC); José Virgílio Borges Pereira (FLUP); Nuno Grande (DARQ-FCTUC); Paulo Farinha Marques (FCUP); Paulo Tormenta Pinto (ISCTE-IUL); Txatxo Sabater (ETSAV-UPC).

PDA is a three-year full-time study (180 ECTS), includes a first year of study (60 ECTS), followed by two years aimed at the preparation of the PhD thesis.

The PhD Programme in Architecture is an accredited study cycle by the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES), which corresponds to 180 ECTS, with an estimated duration of six semesters (two curricular semesters).

The annual tuition fee for national students is 2.750,00 ¤, for international students from the CPLP – Community of Portuguese Language Speaking Countries is 3.000,00 ¤ and for an non-EU/CPLP country is 3.750,00 ¤.

Application deadline:
1st call for applications: January 2nd — March 1st 2019 
2nd call for applications: March 2nd — May 13th 2019 
3rd call for applications: May 14th — July 18th 2019

Online applications:

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