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International Conference ON THE SURFACE 2016

29th and 30th September at FAUP

The International Congress "On the surface: Photography and Architecture - Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries" aims to continue the success of the previous three editions of ON THE SURFACE.
The former editions proved to be an important forum for debate and reflection about Photography and Architecture, whose work can be accessed through several internet platforms as www.nasuperficie.ccre-online.com and in scopio Editions publications as scopio Magazine , Cityzines, Debates, or the catalog On the Surface: Public Space and Architectural Images in Debate.
SCOPIO Editions had already integrated and given support to the three precedent congresses and now it is the official publisher of ON THE SURFACE: Photography and Architecture. Thus, this fourth edition has also as sub-title Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries, which is the main theme for the present cycle of scopio Magazine and the first number of the peer reviewed journal Sophia.
ON THE SURFACE: Photography and Architecture aims to promote a global critical analysis around the theme of Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries, exploring how image is a medium that, on the one hand, can cross boarders and shift boundaries between different subjects and disciplines where image and photography are present in a significant way. On the other hand, in what ways image and photography are used as critical instruments to understand how architecture is transformed, how it reflects different hybrid cultural identities in many countries, regions or places and how all of this interacts with and affects our cities. We believe that this congress will help to globally promote the awareness and reflection upon Architecture, Art and Image (AAI) and specifically to Documentary and Artistic Photography in regards to its conception as an instrument to question Architecture, City and Territory. This means, on the one hand, understanding Architecture as an extended discipline and practice with an interest, on one side, in the real space and its experiences, exploring new spatial forms and architectural codes, and on the other side, on how architecture operates within larger systems: socio-cultural, technical, and historical. On the other hand, understanding the potential of both the Documentary and Artistic universe of photography for building a critical and innovative view of contemporary and past architecture. As well as believing that the worlds of architecture and photography are enriched if photography is not focused on objectivating and documenting buildings and spaces, but also on creating a new understanding and reality based on a subjective artistic gaze.

This year's invited speakers:
Pedro Bandeira (EAUM) - opening session of 29th September
Jorge Figueira (DARQ-UC) - opening session of 30th September
Alberto Veiga (studio EBV )
Anna Fox (Photographer)
Ângela Ferreira (Encontros da Imagem Festival Director)
Camilo Rebelo (Architect)
Carlos Lobo (Photographer, CAAA, UCP)
Graça Correia Ragazzi (FAUP)
Iñaki Bergera (Main researcher of FAME)
José Luís Neves (Independent Curator, researcher at University of Ulster)
José Pedro Cortes (Pierre von Kleist Publisher)
Karen Knorr (UCA Farnham)
Lara Jacinto (Photographer, member of Colectivo Photo)
Marco Iuliano (School of Architecture, University of Liverpool)
Mariela Apollonio (Architectural Photographer)
Moritz Neumüller (Independent Curator, IED Director )
Olívia da Silva (ESMAD - IPP)
Paolo Rosselli (Photographer)
Philipp Schaerer (Photographer)
Walter Costa (Independent Editor, Lombada coordinator)
More info about the conference and its program here > http://nasuperficie.ccre-online.com

Registration fee for the conference:
one day conference
General public / Students - 25 euros
two days conference
General public - 40 euros
Students - 30 euros
Photobook week - workshop
General public / Students - 150 euros
The registered participants of the workshop will be able to attend for free the conference.
Call for Papers speakers - 30 euros
For more info please contact nasuperficie@ccre-online.com
More information about registrations soon will be updated here > http://nasuperficie.ccre-online.com

Side Eevents
Within the Surface On the conference program there will be side events as the PHOTOBOOK WEEK at FAUP and the Photography Exhibition which will show the selected photographers of the Future Memories contest, activities in partnership with the Encontros da Imagem Festival in Braga. It will also be launched the new publication Cityzines, published by scopio Editions, on 28th September with a presentation by Nuno Grande.
More info about the side events here > http://nasuperficie.ccre-online.com

Na Superfície
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