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Advanced Studies Course in Architectural Heritage

General information

Official Code: 4209
Acronym: CEAPA


Director: Prof. Rui Fernandes Póvoas

Duration: 1 year

Fee: 2.200¤

Numerus clausus: 22

Online applications


Academic Affairs - Postgraduate studies

T: 226 057 100 | E-mail: pos.graduacao@arq.up.pt |

URL: www.arq.up.pt


  • Advanced Studies in Architectural Heritage (45 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Project Methodologies

420901A1 - ECTS

É objectivo desta disciplina identificar as questões específicas e a complexidade do projecto em contexto patrimonial, nomeadamente o entendimento do papel da história da arquitectura e da cidade na elaboração das propostas de intervenção projectual. 


Research Seminar

420902A1 - ECTS

Legislation and Management of Architectural Heritage

420903 - ECTS

Traditional Construction Materials and Techniques

420905 - ECTS

Theories of Rehabilitation of the City

420902 - ECTS This course will be presented strategies and theories on urban regeneration and city consolidated city inherited asset valuation and its territorial units landscape.
Will be analyzed and discussed concepts of the historical center of urban architecture and landscape heritage, as well as its relationship to urban practice. The study of interventions in the historical and consolidated in the city will be developed in view of the dynamic transformation of the contemporary city, with its economic and social dimension, to reassessing the concept of town center and its relation to the process of defining new centralities, highlighting the need to understand the values that refer to the current concept of the historical center in the face of a dynamic polycentrism cannot abandon the economic and social dimension of the city as a whole.

Interventions in Structures of Old Buildings

420906 - ECTS

Materials and Techniques of Old Coatings

420904 - ECTS

Theory and History of Architectural Rehabilitation

420901 - ECTS
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