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Covid-19 | Informations, recommendations and contingency plan

Guiding principles on the academic year 2020.2021


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Contingency Plan COVID-19

Recommendations for resuming in-person activities in U.Porto — updated 15th September 2020

  • Measures to reduce the risk of transmission
  • Management of suspected cases
  • Monitoring the Covid-19 epidemic in U.Porto

Psic.ON | Online psychological support in U.Porto

Serological tests

More informations up.pt/covid-19


Management of suspected cases inside and outside of FAUP's facilities

Request for remote synchronous learning

Princípios orientadores para o ano letivo 2020.2021 [PDF]

prepared according to and following: 


Access and circulation in FAUP's facilities

  • opening hours | 8h00 — 21h00 (Monday to Friday)
  • avoid access to FAUP outside class hours
  • accesses to the interior of the building are permanently open but access is restricted to teachers, students, reaserchers and technicians, with the exception of the entrance of the B building
  • optional measurement of body temperature (Security Office)
  • mandatory use of a mask, properly and permanently, in the entire campus of the Faculty (open and closed spaces)
  • mandatory to wash/disinfect hands and surfaces, especially when entering and leaving rooms or buildings
  • students and staff with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should stay home and arrange to get tested as soon as possible
  • recommended use of the app StayAway COVID
  • teaching staff, workers, researchers and students of the U.Porto will be able to access serological tests
  • comply with established circulation circuits (entrances, exits and right-hand traffic, among others)
  • recommended that each student/employee/visitor remains in the building only for the periods strictly necessary
  • comply with entry and exit times in classes
  • keep the classroom doors permanently open to prevent agglomeration of people
  • respect the maximum capacity of the spaces, determined by physical distancing* within FAUP and as specified on the door
  • it is not possible to modify the classroom layouts
* minimum of 2 metres between each person in circulation areas, queues to auditoriums and office counters; in classrooms in situations where students are face to face | equal or superior to 1 metre in classrooms and auitoriums in situations where students are not face to face; in classrooms with acrylic safety shields
  • regular hygienization of work spaces, furniture and equipment
  • frequent general cleaning of the facilities
  • availability of "hygiene kits"
  • availability of hygiene material for sanitary facilities
  • reduction of the capacity of sanitary facilities through the signalling of the disabled sanitary equipments
  • natural ventilation of the spaces by permanently opening of all exterior doors and windows of the building, as well as the interior doors
  • air renovation of the auditoriums ensured by mechanical ventilation systems
  • it is forbidden the use of air recirculation systems, in particular air conditioning systems, fans and fan heaters
  • it is forbidden to have meals in the interior of the buildings, with the exception of the bar and rooms intended for that purpose
  • AEFAUP microwaves are no longer available
  • purchases in the Stationary available especially by e-mail orders.
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