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Call for applications: Continuing Training Courses in Revit and ArchiCAD, 2nd edition

Applications: 29th October - 22nd November, 2018

Online applications:
Continuing Training Course in ArchiCAD: application form
Continuing Training Courses in Revit: application form

The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) will hold the 2nd edition of the Open Courses 'Training in Revit' or 'Training in ArchiCAD' (2 ECTS credits), from 17 December to 20 December 2018. The 4 classes will happen in FAUP, from monday to thursday. The classes will have the duration of 4,5 hours, from 14:30 to 19:00 and the last class will have the duration of 5 hours, from 14:30 to 19:30. The application period will run from 29 October to 22 November 2018.

Drawing supports and tools are decisive factors for the design, development and communication of the architecture project. With the introduction of the computer in the design process, new challenges and opportunities arise, not only from their specific potentialities, but also from their relationship and distinction with traditional analogue processes, such as drawing by hand.

With these Open Courses we intend to transmit the knowledge required for the elaboration of architectural models and drawings through the use of Revit and/or ArchiCAD software. This kind of software will be used in its BIM capability in which a three-dimensional model of the building generates plans, sections and elevations, as well as other elements related to an architectural project.

As an introduction to the digital condition for the development of the architectural design process, the objectives of this course are:
● Study the fundamentals of 2D and 3D digital design and modeling using a BIM computer application;
● Acquire introductory techniques for an integral development of the architecture project in Revit and ArchiCAD;
● Explore associated communication processes through the production of communication images, and the preparation and printing of sheets/panels.
● Promote the complementary relationship between digital and manual design processes.

With the frequency of the Training Courses in Revit and ArchiCAD it is intended for the student to be able to:
● Develop a three-dimensional thinking of the architectural design in close relation with its bi and three-dimensional communication tools;
● Develop architectural design and representation skills through the use of digital tools;
● Use the computer to design and represent design at the level of a virtual building;
● Understand and use the basic principles of operation of a BIM application in the parametric modeling of the virtual building;
● Produce an articulate, coordinated and expressive set of architectural design drawings.

Coordinated by the architects and lecturers João Pedro Xavier and José Pedro Sousa, the Open Courses 'Training in Revit’ and 'Training in ArchiCAD' arise from the relevant relationship between the computer and the design processes in architecture, addressed in courses such as the Advanced Studies Course in Digital Architecture organized between FAUP and ISCTE-IUL, or as the Constructive Geometry and Computer Aided Design classes, from the Master Degree in Architecture of FAUP.

For this edition (1st Semester, academic year 2018/2019) the teaching staff of these Courses is comprised by the architects José Pedro Sousa, Pedro de Azambuja Varela and Bruno Moreira. There will be two independent and simultaneous courses, one related to Revit software and another to ArchiCAD software, but with a common  exercise and learning topics.

The Courses are directed for students of the University of Porto interested in the subject, students of Architecture, other architects and building industry professionals, and the public in general. The frequency of the course - Revit or ArchiCAD - has a cost of 100¤ for students, teachers and non-teaching staff at U. Porto; 150¤ for students outside U. Porto; and 180¤ for the remaining situations. The students enrolled in one of the courses of this first edition can enroll in the other course with a discount of 20¤ (from the first edition cost) during the second edition, thus obtaining training in Revit and ArchiCAD, two of the most used BIM applications in the architecture market.

Laptop and a scroll-wheel capable mouse. Revit requires the Windows OS; ArchiCAD requires Windows or Mac OS.

Working Language:
Portuguese - suitable for english-speaking students.


0.1 Course presentation
0.2 BIM introduction
0.3 Software interface

1.1 2D drafting
1.2 Walls and openings
1.3 Annotations and printing

2.1 Height, slabs, stairs and ramps
2.2 Doors, windows, roofs and other objects
2.3 Complex geometries modeling, composite walls, columns and beams

3.1 Usage and control of 2D and 3D views
3.2 Layout composition: presentation and printing techniques

Working method:
Requires class attendance.

Distributed without final exam:
● participation in classes: 20%;
● laboratorial exercise: 80%.

Application: 29th October and 22nd November 2018.
Serialization / Preliminary results: November 23rd 2018.
Final results publication: 10th December 2018
Registration: 11th-14th December 2018.
Course: 17th-20th December 2018.

Selection criteria:
Candidates will be sorted on a scale of 0 to 20 and according to the following criteria:
- weighted average (at the date of application), expressed in units (90%);
- Letter of motivation (10%);

A bonus factor will be added to this serialization:
- Student of the University of Porto - 10 points;
- Student of other higher education institutions - 7 points;
- Alumni UP - 4 points;
- Professionals - 1 point.

Breakout factor: evaluation of Letter of motivation (scale from 0 to 20).

Tuition Fees:
100¤ for students, teachers and non-teaching staff at U. Porto;
150¤ for students outside U. Porto;
180¤ for the remaining situations.
(next course edition will have a 20¤ discount for this edition’s students)

Each course will only be held with a minimum of 10 students, with a maximum admission of 20 students.

Continuing Training Course in ArchiCAD
Continuing Training Course in Revit

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