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Open Class 'Arquitetura nas margens' por Joana Cameira

December 15 (thursday), 6.30 pm, Sala Plana - FAUP

The fifth session of the Cycle of Open Classes – Urbanisation of Poverty: “The social role of the architect" will have the the theme ‘Architecture in the margins’ and will be presented by the architect Joana Cameira (International Committee of the Red Cross).

This class will focus on the presentation of twelve years of humanitarian work in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, Haiti, Colombia, Gaza, Lebanon, Somalia, Kenya and Sri Lanka, to open up a discussion with the students on the issues that interest them the most.

This class will take place on the December 15 (thursday), at 6.30 pm, Sala Plana - FAUP. It will be presented in English. Free entrance (limited to the capacity of the room). 

Joana Cameira is an architect by FAUP. She began working in the Netherlands for five years, then she made a master in Belgium and in 2005 she began doing humanitarian work full time. She has been working with communities and local and foreign authorities; displaced persons, refugees, communities under siege, migrants and detainees in countries under civil war, international war, and post natural disaster. Since 2010 that she works with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

This Open Classes cycle is coordinated by Professor Álvaro Domingues, the architect Ana Silva Fernandes and the MDT research group – ‘Territory Morphologies and Dynamics’ of CEAU-FAUP.

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Ciclo de Aulas Abertas – Urbanização da Pobreza: “The social role of the architect”

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