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Conference byJorge Torres: 'Los dibujos de Moscú' | Aulas de Autor . Le Corbusier e o Desenho

18 May 2017, 3h30 pm, Casa Allen - Porto

Jorge Torres

The 5th conference of the Cycle Aulas de Autor . Le Corbusier and the Drawing is entitled 'Los dibujos de Moscú' and will be presented by Jorge Torres, Full Professor at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universitat Politècnica de València (ETSA-UPV).

The session will take place on 18 May (Thursday), 3h30 pm, at Casa Allen, located at António Cardoso Street, N.º 175, Porto.

The conference will be conducted in spanish, without translation. Free entrance (up to the room's capacity).
The programme is subject to change.

'Los dibujos de Moscú'
Le Corbusier travels for the first time to Moscow in October 1928 to present his second proposal for the Centrosoyus competition. From this trip come his scarce drawings of the city, his proposal for this great administrative and cultural building, the great panels that illustrate the two conferences that he imparts, and the sketches for a painting, Composition avec la lune (1929), representative of his Post-purist period. From Moscow come very different drawings that show his expressive and creative capacity as a traveller eager to know the world around him; his need to build his projects, to be a vehicle for their theories and ideas; to express them in his notebooks and to be the engine of his plastic work. The drawings of Moscow are a good example of that "synthesis of the arts" that characterized his work and life.

Jorge Torres is Chair Professor of Architectural Projects in the Polytechnic University of Valencia and director of ESSAI (Space, Architecture, Society Investigation) Architectural Research Group. He works in different topics as Le Corbusier and his time, urban renewal and sustainability and the relationship between society, architecture and urban development.
He has written or coordinated many books as Grup R (1994), Le Corbusier. Visiones de la técnica en cinco tiempos (2004), Casa por casa. Reflexiones sobre el habitar (2009), Le Corbusier. Mise au point (2012), Pensar la Arquitectura. Mise au point de Le Corbusier (2014), Le Corbusier. Paris n’est pas Moscou (2014) and Une recherche patiente. Fifty years after (2017). He has participated in many collective works as the redaction of the Enciclopedia Dell'Architettura Garzianti (1996), Dizionario dell’architettura del XX secolo (six volumes, 2000-2001), Arquitectura y sostenibilidad (2006), Tapiola (2006), and Guia de Arquitectura de Valencia (2007).
He has been exhibition curator of Estudio Albini (1988 y 1989), Luis Gutiérrez Soto (1999), Grup R. Una revisió de la modernitat. 1951-61 (1997), Le Corbusier. Paris n’est pas Moscou (2015-17). As an architect he has received different awards for his works and architectural competitions.

Aulas de Autor . Le Corbusier and the Drawing
The second cycle of classes entitled "Le Corbusier and the Drawing", taking place during this academic year 2016-2017, aims to develop a new relationship between universities, RDT (research and Technological Development) Institutions and Foundations.
In this first year, a partnership with Fondation Le Corbusier was settled in order to bring to the Portuguese and Porto scenario the international debate on Corbusian studies and on drawing in Le Corbusier, in particular.

A series of seven open classes will take place between January and July of 2017, dedicated to the theoretical and practical study of the Drawing in the work of Le Corbusier. 

The conferences feature as guest speakers: Danièle Pauly, Timothy Benton, Marta Sequeira, Candela Suárez, Jorge Torres, Xavier Monteys and Ricardo Daza. This cycle of open classes "Aulas de Autor" "Le Corbusier and the Drawing" is coordinated by Marta Sequeira, Carlos Machado e Moura, Rui Neto and Noémia Herdade Gomes.

This cycle is developed by the research group Architecture: Theory, Project and History (ATPH)of the Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CEAU-FAUP)- within the project ‘Coleção de Desenhos . Escola de Arquitectura do Porto’, – , in collaboration with UPdigital (UPdigital), Faculties of Arts (FLUP) and Engineering U.Porto (FEUP), José Marques da Silva Foundation Institute (FIMS), Northern Chapter of the Portuguese Order of Architects (OASRN) and Sistema do Futuro – Multimédia, Gestão e Arte.

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) | Compete 2020 | Portugal 2020 | European Union (UE) - European Regional Development Fund.

This conference has the support of Casa Allen.

The cycle of conferences counts with the support of Livraria A+A and Livraria AEFAUP.

Graphic design by Francisco Providência.
Multimedia developed by Cátia Cunha Pimentel.

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Ciclo Aulas de Autor . Le Corbusier e o Desenho

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