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Arquitectura e Desenho - Habitação Plurifamiliar do Século XX

8th Edition: 2020/2021 _1st Semester

Between Dialogues: the Porto and Milan Schools

The Open Course “Architecture and Drawing - 20th Century Multi-Family Housing” stems from the interest of
researchers associated to Housing study, invited to lecture in the optional course “Architecture and Drawing”, within the Master Degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture - University of Porto (FAUP) 

In the 1st semester, each session will be given by a guest professor in open dialogue between Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica e Ingegneria delle Costruzioni del Politecnico di Milano (AUIC_POLIMI) and Faculty of Architecture University of Porto (FAUP) expressing a multifaceted view on 20th Century Multi-Family Housing:

#1. Presentation. "O moderno e sua experimentação no Porto" Study Case: Mário Bonito. Edifício de Habitação da Empresa Industrial do Ouro, Porto, Portugal, 1951-1955.
Helder Casal Ribeiro (FAUP)

#2. Study Case: M. Ginzburg / I. Milinis / N. Milyutin. Edifício Narkomfin, Moscovo, Rússia, 1928-1932.
Guest: Luís Soares Carneiro (FAUP)

#3. Study Case: Figini /Pollini; E. Vittoria; Nizzoli/Oliveri; Gabetti/Isola. Complexo Olivetti, Ivrea, Italia, 1934-1975. Guest: Cristina Pallini (POLIMI_AUIC Campus Leonardo)

#4. Study Case: Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, Arch. Barbican Estate-City of London Corp, Londres, Reino Unido, 1963-1976. Guest: Maria José Casanova (FAUP)

#5. Study Case: Gio Ponti, Casa d'abitazione in Via Dezza, Milão, Italia, 1956.
Guest: Elena Montanari (POLIMI_AUIC Campus Mantova)

#6. Study Case: Luigi Moretti. Edificio polifunzionale in Corso Itália, Milão, Itália. 1949-1955.
Guest:Marco Ginoulhiac (FAUP)

#7. Study Case: Ignazio Gardella, Casa al Parco/Park House, Milano, 1947-1953.
Guest: Angelo Lorenzi (POLIMI_AUIC Campus Mantova)

#8. Study Case: Adalberto Dias. Casas Brancas, Porto, Portugal, 2001-2007.
Guest: André Santos (FAUP)

#9. Study Case: António Monestiroli. Central Square Station in Pioltello, Milão, 1998-2009.
Guest: Martina Landsberger (POLIMI_AUIC Campus Leonardo)

#10. Study Case: Herzog & de Meuron. Edifício em Helsinki Strasse, Basileia, Suíça, 2014.
Guest: Rui Ramos (FAUP)

#11. Study Case: Giorgio Grassi, ABB-Roland Ernst/Park Kolonnaden, Potsdamerplatz_Koethener strasse, Berlin, 1993; 1997-2002. 
Guest: Michele Caja (POLIMI_AUIC Campus Leonardo)

#12. Study Case: Diener & Diener. Edifícios das ilhas KNSM e Java, Amesterdão, Holanda, 1995-2001.
Guest: Marta Rocha (FAUP)

#13. Study Case: Peter Zumthor. Harjunkulma Apartment building, Jyvaskyla, Finlândia, 2001-2004.
Helder Casal Ribeiro (FAUP)


There is nowadays a clear difficulty among students in identifying, observing, recording and retaining, quickly and efficiently, many of the facts and structuring forms in the composition of an architectural work. In order to complement the fleeting perception fostered by the diffusion means celerity of current architectural images on the Internet, losing the slow apprehension process and the "project study" habit, it is important, as a pedagogical objective, to foster the capacity to concentrate the look at relevant facts of an image, a drawing or a comment, with acuity and effectiveness.
Consequently, OC's goal is to help build and develop the ability to observe, highlight, and understand (and represent, by quick design) the essential architectural signifiers to project analysis.

From a set of multi-family housing singular cases, the the OC explores the various drawing meanings in project: the design understood as a conception and communication means but above all, as a way of thinking, understanding and doing architecture; the design understood as a preferential instrument in the project in-depth study - its conceptual options/models and respective composition themes/principles.

It presents a case study by class explicitly and thematically framed in architecture theory and history, based on a lecture given by a guest teacher.

Teacher responsible for 1st semester: Prof. Doutor Helder Casal Ribeiro

Fields of Specialization

Mandatory literature

Moneo Rafael; La solitudine degli edifici e altri scritti. ISBN: 88-422-0923-6
Moneo Rafael; Inquietud teórica y estrategia proyectual. ISBN: 84-95951-68-1
Hearn Fil; Ideas that shaped buildings
Ockman Joan; Architecture culture 1943-1968. ISBN: 0-8478-1522-6
Nesbitt Kate 050; Theorizing a new agenda for architecture. ISBN: 1-56898-053-1
Solà-Morales Ignacio de; Diferencias. ISBN: 84-252-1663-X
Solà-Morales Ignasi de; Territorios. ISBN: 84-252-1864-0
Solà-Morales Ignacio de; Intervenciones. ISBN: 84-252-2043-2
Solà-Morales Iganasi de; Eclecticismo y vanguardia y otros escritos. ISBN: 84-252-1949-3
Solà-Morales Ignasi de; Los artículos de Any. ISBN: 978-84-936693-6-2

Teaching methods and learning activities

There are 13 classes to present works and projects, lasting 2 hours. In these classes, the students will carry out, throughout the presentation, the schemes, drawings or representations appropriate to a predominantly graphic translation of the presented matter, experiencing personal interpretation and graphics systems. The support must be on paper, in A4 format. The work done by each student will be delivered at the end of each class. Periodically, comments will be made on sampling and case-examples of the work carried out and delivered.

Professional Abilities

The Course will allow not only the in-depth knowledge of a reference architectural works set, but above all to ascertain the ability to analyze quickly and accurately and to register through the drawing, which otherwise is only a succession of images, more or less impressive. It is a matter of questioning the ways of looking, and also of deepening the observation and analysis acuity, essential for understanding and memorizing an architecture work.


Teaching language
Portuguese - Suitable for english-speaking students

Working method

Type of assessment
Evaluation distributed without final exam

Assessment components


Weight (%)



Laboratory work




Frequency acquisition
Attendance in at least 75% of classes and respective papers delivery.

Calculation formula of final grade
The final grade will be the weighted average of attendance at classes (40%) and the classification of practical assignments (60%).

Vacancies: 5

70 ¤ Members U.Porto (student, teacher or other) 
100 ¤ General Public
Application fees: 20¤

Application Order

Online applications (8th Edition: 2020/2021 1st Semester)

Submission of Applications: 13th of August to 7th September 2020
First results: 8th September 2020
Preliminary hearing: 9th to 22nd September 2020
Final Results: 22nd September 2020

Registration: 22nd to 23rd September 2020
Open Course begins on 24th September 2020

Online applications (9th Edition: 2020/2021 2nd Semester)

To be anounced.

Teacher responsible for 2nd semester: Prof. Doutor Marco Ginoulhiac

Submit Application


Academic Affairs and International Cooperation Services

General information

Teacher Responsible: Marco Ginoulhiac
Acronym: ADHPS
Type of course/cycle of study: Free Course
Start: 2016/2017
Duration: 42 Hour

Study Plan



  • Open Course Architecture and Drawing - 20th Century Multi-Family Housing ( Courses Units)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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