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History of FCDEF-UP

The Physical Education teachers training in Porto started in 1964 when the Physical Education School of non superior formation was built. The necessity to exalt the Physical Education teachers training, through an academic and scientific curriculum duly framed in Superior Teaching, originates that on December 3rd 1975, by the 675/75 Law by Degree, the Superior Institute of Physical Education (ISEF) has been created and integrated administratively in Porto University. However, only in 1977 was truly integrated in the core of Porto University, due to the action of its teachers together with other forces of the Porto Academy.

During several years, teachers, students and employees have demonstrated to the Institution their total dedication and enthusiasm by being submitted to sacrifices resultant of the so then used facilities. In fact, these facilities initially circumscribed to a prefabricated were previously worked the Physical Education School of Porto, extended to the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Abel Salazar (ICBAS), to the sportive complex of the university stadium (CDUP) and to the facilities of the Rectory of Porto University. This was the scenery that during 22 years has deeply marked the teachers and students lives and that has determinated the necessity and urgency to alter the state of things. With the ISEF designation, the Institution started to vouch itself in the core of Physical Education and sport community, until 1989 with the statues revision of Porto University the designation changed to Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education. This change was not a cosmetic operation but a rupture with Physical Education designation that until then it almost exclusively referred to the formation of teachers for the teaching of Physical Education in school. With the new designation the purpose was to made the institution training with a more embraced concept of “Sport” not only in Education and training but also in High Performance Sport, Leisure and Recreation Sport and Adapted Sport.

The date of 26th May 1997 marks the official opening of the new facilities of FCDEF-UP.
The Cristina Moreira architect project articulates different spaces of sportive practice, namely a musculation room, several Gymnasiums, volleyball field, polivalent sportive ship, 25 meters swimming-pool, squash, sauna and balneary with those typical of a Faculty: classrooms, laboratories, library, auditorium, students association, canteen. A The Faculty has three levels of formation: a degree of Licentiate, Master and PhD, having presently:

  • A degree of Licentiate of 5 years in Sport and Physical Education
  • Six Master degrees in:


  1. Adapted Physical Education
  2. Sport for Children and Youth
  3. Sports Management
  4. Recreation and Leisure
  5. High Performance Sport Training
  6. Physical Activity for elderly
  7. Sport Sciences PhD

FCDEF-UP develops an intense cooperation in the training domains, research and the interchange of teachers, students and documents with university institutions and Superior teaching of Europe, Brazil, African Countries of Portuguese Official Language, participating in several interchange programmes, namely with Europe and Brazil.

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