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FADEUP's Transversal Program of Peers Mentoring

Peers Mentoring

Do you want to be a MENTOR?
Register on this link: https://up.pt/mentoriaup/inscricao-como-mentor-fadeup/
Do you want to be a MENTEE?
Send an email to:gae@fade.up.pt
And start a new, interesting and enriching academic and personal experience at FADEUP!

FADEUP started on the academic year of 2018/2019, the Peer Mentoring Program of the University of Porto (Mentoria UP), aimed at new students of the 1st year of the degree, of the second and third cycles.

Mentoring assures, on the part of the students enrolled at the UP in previous years (the Mentors), support for students who enter a cycle of studies for the first time (the Mentees). That support is materialized in the process of social and academic integration, in reinforcing the autonomy of new students, in their well-being and in academic success. Mentoring also aims to develop soft skills and integral training for students, both mentors and mentees.

The program, coexisting with other measures and/or initiatives in force at the University, intends to expand and deepen innovative and tendency to intercultural methods of integration and experience at UP.

Goals of Peer Mentoring Program at UP:

  • Establish conditions for the integration and positive experience of the University, stimulating autonomy and awarness of the implications of the role of students in higher education;
  • Increase the quality of the learning experiences provided by attending the various courses;
  • Promote equity, academic success, the resolution of difficulties and prevent drop out, developing feelings of personal well-being and belonging, collaboration and solidarity, through an internal network of academic and social support;
  • Streamline training and learning contexts, enhancing the development of soft skills, based on the practices and experiences of the mentoring devices;
  • Encourage the construction of spaces of freedom and autonomy, self-confidance and initiative, and promote dynamics of interaction and intercultural exchange in student daily life;
  • Contribute to the construction of democratic networks of significant interpersonal, social and academic relationships and of solidarity ways of living the University;
  • To raise awareness of a culture of intervention and solidarity responsibility, which privileges the exercise of citizenship and the common good of the entire academic community.

Who is the Mentoring Program intended for?

  • Students who enter a study cycle for the first time and who voluntarily want support in their integration at FADEUP and University of Porto (Mentees).
  • Students already attending FADEUP and volunteering to accompany new students throughout the academic year, helping them to integrate into the life of FADEUP and UP (Mentors).

Team responsible for the Mentoring Program at FADEUP:

Teaching staff:
  • Olga Vasconcelos, Paula Queirós e Teresa Lacerda (Transversal Coordinating Committee of FADEUP)
  • Ricardo Fernandes, Paula Santos e Susana Soares (Teaching committee of FADEUP)

Non-Teaching staff:
  • António Alberto Rodrigues (FADEUP's Student Support Office)
  • Hugo Silva e Sara Henriques (FADEUP's External Relations Office)
  • Students' Association of FADEUP.

Students' participation and involvement, whether Mentors or Mentees, is voluntary.

For more information on the subject you can look up at "Mentoria UP Princípios Orientadores".

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